Can You Swim In Lake Atitlan Guatemala? The Water Quality, Sicknesses, & Sewage

When in Lake Atitlan I was excited to swim and relax. However, the longer I was there the more stories I heard regarding cleanliness, pollution, and sewage. My thought process quickly changed from going for a morning dip to, can you swim in Lake Atitlan, or will I get super sick?

If you are planning to travel around Guatemala you will see Lake Atitlan as a spot listed everywhere as a must-visit, and it is. However, not all is what it seems. Pictures surrounding this place show colorful lakeside villages surrounded by volcanos, and a place for the weary traveler to relax and get back in touch with nature.

You will commonly see photos of people cliff-jumping from the famous point in San Macros la Laguna, or jumping straight in from a pier.

The problem is, the closer you start traveling towards this spot the more stories you start hearing, and you will quickly question whether or not can you swim in Lake Atitlan.

Though how true are these stories really? Well, speaking from my not-so-fortunate experience, there is a bit of truth about them, but you should still take what you hear with a grain of salt.

Did I get sick traveling in Guatemala? Yes. Was it from Lake Atitlan swimming? No. Was it from swimming at Semuc Champey? Again, No. It was actually from a small McDonald’s we had as a lunch stop when traveling from Flores to Semuc Champey.

Well, let’s get into it and find out if you can swim in Lake Atitlan without getting sick, because it is possible.

tourists jumping off one of the piers around lake atitlan in the questionable waters
tourists jumping off one of the piers around lake atitlan in the questionable waters

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Lake Atitlan Water Temperature

Let’s start with the basics, is it even warm enough to swim when you are traveling Lake Atitlan? Well, the water does stay at a relatively consistent temperature all year round at 21°C / 70°F.

Perhaps this means nothing to you, because until I started diving I didn’t think twice about the numerical water temperature, I would just dip my foot in. If it didn’t send a cold shock through my body, we were good.

Well after diving in Honduras and Belize, where the waters were a lovely 28°C / 82°F, I can say the waters in Lake Atitlan are rather chilly.

Nevertheless, the Lake Atitlan water temperature is mild enough so you can certainly plunge yourself in, and enjoy a bit of a swim, but I wouldn’t say you will happily frolic in the waters all day long.

looking over the lake atitlan to free cerveza hostel
looking over the lake to free cerveza hostel
tasha amy looking out wishing I knew the answer to can you swim in lake atitlan
looking out wishing I knew the answer to can you swim in lake atitlan

Where Can You Swim In Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Next up, where can you actually swim in Lake Atitlan? Well, this question can be broken down into two different parts.

The first is the physical as in the location or villages where is it safe to swim in Lake Atitlan, and the second is the so-called rules that you should follow if you decide to swim in Lake Atitlan in order to keep safe.

What Villages Is It Safe To Swim In Lake Atitlan

Unfortunately, some areas of Lake Atitlan are not safe to swim in. This is mainly around the larger villages where you get a lot of pollution and runoff from the nearby houses. Also near or around the piers is a big no-no for two reasons.

The first is because you don’t want to get hit by a boat, seriously this is a possibility, and you will be able to see them, better than they can see your little bobbing head in the water, so best to be on the lookout. Secondly, because of the fumes and diesel lingering in the water.

The city’s best avoiding include Panajachel, San Pedro la Laguna, and Santa Cruz la Laguna. This is just because these are the largest spots with the majority of traffic and pollution issues.

However, in saying this you will definitely see people still swimming Lake Atitlan in all of these cities.

I stayed in Santa Cruz la Laguna at Free Cerveza during part of my adventure around the lake and they have a pier out the front.

Most days you will find people swimming around the dock, and jumping off, but at the same time, we heard horror stories about people getting sick who had been swimming there.

Rather than swim, a friend and I decided to take a kayak out and stumbled on a heap of dead fish just floating on the surface. We asked a staff member at the hostel and were told it was due to pollution from a nearby river.

For the same reason, it is recommended to be cautious of fish caught on the lake for consumption.

Nevertheless, it is generally safest to swim at San Marcos la Laguna and the smaller villages around the lake.

Obviously, you don’t want to swim around the pier areas in San Marcos, or in any of the smaller towns. Though, one of the best things to do in San Marcos is cliff jumping from Cerro Tzankujil nature reserve.

The most popular Lake Atitlan swimming spots are:

  • El Jaibalito
  • Los Elementos Adventure Centre
  • Cerro Tzankujil Nature Reserve
  • Playa La Finca

Rules For Lake Atitlan Swimming

Well, there are no rules in regards to swimming in Lake Atitlan per se, though there are some more common sense things you ought to know in order to keep safe.

Basically, this was briefly mentioned above, but don’t swim near the public piers, or in the mains lanes of boat traffic (you will quickly learn how close they generally come to the shore).

This is both for the safety of you, as well as the boat captain and those onboard. They don’t want to be doing any sudden maneuvers to avoid a person swimming.

If you are swimming in the wrong place you will very quickly find this out.

looking over lake aititlan with two people braving the water, and water taxis, in front of santa cruz la laguna
looking over lake aititlan with two people braving the water, and water taxis, in front of santa cruz la laguna

Algae Bloom In Lake Atitlan

Next up, let’s learn about some of the things to take into consideration when deciding if you can swim in Lake Atitlan.

The first one up is an algae bloom, also known as cyanobacteria. They first appeared in Lake Atitlan in 2009, during which time it covered over half of the lake.

Usually, you will find that the lake is a deep blue color, with water so clear you can see down to 50 feet in some places. Though in the presence of algae bloom you will notice a thin film of green algae covering the surface.

There have been many studies done regarding this, how it is occurring, and how it can be stopped.

It is due to nitrogen and phosphorus in the agricultural fertilizers, and untreated sewage running off down to the lake through heavy rains and landslides.

Though this isn’t just common in Lake Atitlan, algae blooms are a worldwide problem when it comes to fresh water. It is something I have grown up hearing living in the lakeside town of Taupo in New Zealand.

On top of this, there is also the issue of people dumping their garbage directly into the lake. You commonly can walk around the shoreline and see washed-up piles, and it’s not pretty. Because there are no regulations with this, and a lot of the community has grown up doing it, then it becomes normal to them.

There has been quite an effort to correct this over the past 10 or so years, but it is a timely and pricey Initiative.

Sewage In Lake Atitlan

Now, this is a bit of a controversial subject, and that is whether or not raw sewage goes into Lake Atitlan, or if it is simply grey water.

Unfortunately, it is pretty normal to see grey water trickling down the streets of the lakeside towns towards the shoreline of Lake Atitlan, that one is obvious, and it’s not good. Though our question is regarding raw sewage.

Jose who runs Amigos del Lago de Atitlan, a private NGO consisting of holiday homeowners, claims that raw sewage is running into the lake at a metric of 300 liters per second. Even though that is just an estimate by him, it is still a large claim to make.

There are wastewater treatment facilities at the Lake that treat the sewage and grey water that aren’t diverted into the street. But even here the post-treated water isn’t that great, still cloudy and foamy.

There are talks about funding more wastewater treatment plants, though unfortunately concerns over funds to build and charging to use them put those ideas at a halt.

the busy shoreline around san pedro la laguna
the busy shoreline around san pedro la laguna

What Kind Of Sick May I Get

The Global Press Journal made the following statement regarding Lake Atitlan.

“Experts confirmed the presence of cyanobacteria in Lake Atitlán in 2009. The toxic strains of the bacteria can affect the liver, kidneys, central nervous system, and skin of both humans and animals, and it has been linked to degenerative brain diseases.”

This obviously doesn’t sound very promising, but not everyone gets sick swimming in Lake Atitlan, some do and some don’t. The best thing you can do is not put your head under the water and definitely don’t swallow any.

One common illness that you honestly can’t prevent, except by not getting in the water at all, is rashes. If you do end up swimming Lake Atitlan and get a rash I recommend going to a local pharmacy for treatment.

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What Is Being Done To Fix It?

So you can obviously see there are issues regarding pollution in Lake Atitlan and the algae blooms.

Unfortunately, there is quite a divide between the local community holding onto its roots, and the often out-of-town people who are trying to fix the issues. The indigenous people here really value the lake, and it is pivotal to their culture.

Though understandably, when people who were not raised there, point out issues, wanting to charge locals fees for water treatment plants they cannot afford. It is easy to see why they don’t agree.

In the short term, the best things we can do are correctly dispose of trash, recycle, and make sure your accommodation partakes in sustainable practices.

If you are interested in the conflicts between the Indigenous people and tourists around the lake I recommend this video which touches on it with a bit of comedy thrown in as well:

Montezuma got his revenge in Guatemala (ch 9)
swimming out to local fisherman on lake atitlan
swimming out to local fisherman on lake atitlan
cliff jumping into the cold waters around lake atitlan
cliff jumping into the cold waters around lake atitlan

Where to Stay In Lake Atitlan

There are plenty of lovely villages around Lake Atitlan where you can stay. I recommend choosing a couple you would like to visit and then checking out accommodation options.

Panajachel: Panajachel is the main town on Lake Atitlan. There always seems to be a constant stream of shuttles arriving and departing, with travelers walking on down to the docks.

San Pedro La Laguna: This is another popular town worth checking out. It is no doubt quite a backpacker hub with plenty of hostels and affordable cafes and restaurants.

San Marcos la Laguna: Now if you are more of a free-spirited type of person or quite into the yoga scene you may want to think about basing yourself in San Marcos. There are so many accommodation options here, and truly some are incredibly beautiful with amazing views out to the volcanos.

San Juan La Laguna: Undoubtedly this is the place to experience the arts of the area and is also a great place to do some shopping and buy some authentic souvenirs. There are definitely fewer tourists here, so it can be nice to get away from all the crazy and come here for a breather.

Santa Cruz la Laguna: Another popular spot is Santa Cruz la Laguna. This has grown quickly in popularity with backpackers over the last couple of years thanks to the affordable hostels on offer. You can find the popular Free Cerveza which gives summer camp vibes, and it is pretty cool you get to sleep in a teepee. Secondly, there is La Iguana Perdida which was the first hostel in the area and has a really homely feel.

selina lake stitlan

Selina Atitlan

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mr mullets hostel

Mr. Mullets

A party hostel perfect for those wanting to let loose and make friends. Prices start from $12.00 per night.

la iguana perdida

La Iguana Perdida

A lovely homely hostel right by the pier. Dorm rooms start from $11.00 per night.

free cerveza

Free Cerveza

Enjoy summer camp vibes and tipi dorm rooms. Prices start from $16.00 per night. BOOK NOW

Things To Do In Lake Atitlan

Seeing as Lake Atitlan is such a popular spot to visit in Guatemala you can be sure there is plenty of things to do here. This is just a quick breakdown of some of the top options:

Study Spanish: Studying Spanish in Guatemala is a popular thing to do, but even more so at Lake Atitlan. This is because of the relaxing atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and affordable living.

You can find an assortment of Spanish schools in a lot of the towns and they will even do outdoor learning where you can enjoy the incredible views.

Hike: There is an assortment of hikes available in Lake Atitlan, where you can capture the best views this area has to offer. Whether you decide to hike a Volcano, do the popular Indian Nose hike, or simply to a viewpoint. It’ll be sure not to disappoint.

Yoga: Lake Atitlan is yogi heaven, and that’s not just San Marcos. You will find yoga classes in nearly all the towns around the lake. One of the most popular is called Eagles Nest and it has one of the best views you could imagine from its studio.

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FAQs About Lake Atitlan Swimming

Is Lake Atitlan freshwater?

Yes, Lake Atitlán is a freshwater lake. It is the deepest lake in Central America, with a maximum depth of about 340 meters (1,120 feet) and an average depth of 154 meters (505 feet). It is also a popular destination for freshwater diving at altitude.

Is Lake Atitlan safe to swim in 2024?

Lake Atitlan is generally considered safe to swim, especially in the shallower parts. However, it can get pretty choppy further into the middle, so be sure to go with a lancha or boat if hopping between towns. It’s worth noting that Lake Atitlan faces bacterial issues, so it’s advisable to be aware of this when swimming and keep your head above the water.

Is Lake Atitlan safe for tourists?

Lake Atitlan is a pretty safe area of Guatemala to visit, in terms of tourist destinations. However, some towns like Panajachel and San Pedro La Laguna can feel a bit sketchy at night, so it’s advisable to leave valuables locked away when exploring since pickpocketing is common. Also, remember to keep an eye on your belongings and not drink too much.

Is Lake Atitlan clean to swim?

It is generally safe to swim in Lake Atitlan, though there are some things worth considering before you do. This includes that the water quality in Lake Atitlan can be a concern, due to pollution and sewage resulting in sick travelers. Some of the towns also have public swimming areas, and San Marcos, with its nature reserve and massive diving platform, is an especially popular spot for swimmers and is clean.

How dirty is Lake Atitlán?

Lake Atitlán has been officially labeled a contaminated water source since 2009 due to the large amounts of cyanobacteria in the water. Cyanobacteria is a type of bacteria that can cause harmful algal blooms and can be toxic to humans and animals.

Does Lake Atitlan have crocodiles?

Nope, Lake Atitlan does not have any crocodiles or gators. There is only a population of fish and crabs, however, you are unlikely to actually come across any.

Is Lake Atitlán contaminated?

Yes, Lake Atitlán is contaminated. It was officially declared a contaminated water source in 2009 due to the large amounts of cyanobacteria in the water. This is due to sewage and fertilizer runoff on the streets.

Can You Swim In Lake Atitlan: Wrap-Up

No doubt swimming in Lake Atitlan is a popular activity when visiting Guatemala. While there are no official rules for swimming in the lake, it is generally considered safe in most areas.

However, it is recommended to avoid swimming near big towns such as Panajachel, San Pedro, and Santa Cruz due to bacterial issues, and parts of San Marcos are considered the safest for swimming.


When I was heading to Lake Atitlan I was excited to swim, be surrounded by volcanos, and relax. Though the longer I was there the more stories I heard regarding cleanliness, pollution, and sewage resulting in sick travelers. My thought process quickly changed from going for a morning dip to can you swim in Lake Atitlan, like will I get super sick?

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. So, if you click on it and purchase something, I get a small percentage at no extra cost to you. As always all opinions are my own and your support is much appreciated.

Photo credit: “DSCN0806” (CC BY 2.0) by Micah MacAllen . “On The Dock” (CC BY 2.0) by Jon Hurd . “Tyler Jumping Off of A Cliff” (CC BY 2.0) by Micah MacAllen .

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