Casco Viejo – The Jewel of Panama City

Casco Viejo - The Jewel of Panama City Panama City is not the most beautiful place, though, hiding not too far away is the old city, Casco Viejo. With buildings constantly being restored the contrast between the old and the new as an amazing sight. The Spanish influences are around [...]

Casco Viejo – The Jewel of Panama City2020-10-23T15:44:25+13:00

Walking The Cinta Costero, Panama City

Cinta Costero What Is The Cinta Costero The Cinta Costero is the perfect place to take a walk while exploring Panama City in Panama. Located alongside The Bay of Panama it will take you from Punta Paitilla to Panama Viejo over a 32 hectare stretch. Throughout this time, you will [...]

Walking The Cinta Costero, Panama City2020-10-23T15:43:41+13:00

Top Ten Things To Do in Costa Rica

1. Explore the beaches Costa Rica seriously has all the beaches you could ever dream of. From black sand, white sand, rocky, tropical, surfing, you will have so many different options to choose from. Make sure you bring your swimmers because you will definitely need them and get ready to [...]

Top Ten Things To Do in Costa Rica2020-10-23T15:43:26+13:00

Costa Rica – A Travel Guide For Backpackers

Costa Rica is such a wanderlust destination. It is a country full of biodiversity, rainforests, sloths and amazing ticos. It is a destination which is on many travellers bucket lists and one unlike any other. From the hot desert landscapes to the lush green tropical regions elsewhere, you’ll find yourself consistently in [...]

Costa Rica – A Travel Guide For Backpackers2021-01-15T14:32:12+13:00

Samara, Costa Rica

Today is a travel day. We head to our final buffet breakfast before boarding the bus to our last destination on this adventure, Samara. A mere two hours away we quickly arrive next to the Pacific Ocean and are given a quick tour of the town before settling into our [...]

Samara, Costa Rica2020-10-23T15:42:54+13:00

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

La Fortuna Today was time to travel to a new location around Costa Rica. So, I would be calling La Fortuna home for the next 3 days. I doze into a deep slumber on the bus until we arrive at a small bus stop town for lunch. Time to grab Burger King [...]

La Fortuna, Costa Rica2020-10-23T15:42:47+13:00

Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Arriving in Manzanillo & Puerto Viejo After our white water rafting adventure, it was time to load the bus back up. Today we were driving to Manzanillo, a small town in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Sleeping the majority of the way, we arrived in the town of Puerto [...]

Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica2020-10-23T15:42:40+13:00

Exploring Ricon De La Vieja, Costa Rica

We board the bus and set out towards our next stop, Ricon De La Vieja. I use the time to write in my journal. The scenery surrounding us looks the exact same, as though we were driving in circles, lush green grass and rolling hills. It continues this way for [...]

Exploring Ricon De La Vieja, Costa Rica2020-10-23T15:42:33+13:00

Rafting the Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica

Day One On The Rio Pacuare Today is the beginning of the Adventure tour with International Student Volunteers. After a busy night I wake up still slightly drunk and wobble myself and my luggage down to the bus. Driving away I fall into a deep slumber as we travel to the Rio [...]

Rafting the Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica2020-10-31T19:43:03+13:00

10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

1. Become Truly Aware Of The World We Live In When you volunteer abroad in a new country, whether you are in a large city or small village, you will gain a greater awareness of the world around you. Sleeping alongside the locals you see how they live their lives, [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer Abroad2020-10-23T15:40:49+13:00

Panama – A Travel Guide for Backpackers

Panama Travel Guide Panama is an awesome backpacking destination. From the city skyscrapers, the secluded beaches, the tropical islands and the green rainforest, you will be spoiled for choice. Famous for the Panama Canal built in 1914, it has become a fundamental part of shipping goods around the world. Since [...]

Panama – A Travel Guide for Backpackers2021-01-11T20:08:11+13:00
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