Casco Viejo – The Jewel of Panama City

Casco Viejo - The Jewel of Panama City Panama City is not the most beautiful place, though, hiding not too far away is the old city, Casco Viejo. With buildings constantly being restored the contrast between the old and the new as an amazing sight. The Spanish influences are around [...]

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Walking The Cinta Costero, Panama City

Cinta Costero What Is The Cinta Costero The Cinta Costero is the perfect place to take a walk while exploring Panama City in Panama. Located alongside The Bay of Panama it will take you from Punta Paitilla to Panama Viejo over a 32 hectare stretch. Throughout this time, you will [...]

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Panama – A Travel Guide for Backpackers

Panama Travel Guide Panama is an awesome backpacking destination. From the city skyscrapers, the secluded beaches, the tropical islands and the green rainforest, you will be spoiled for choice. Famous for the Panama Canal built in 1914, it has become a fundamental part of shipping goods around the world. Since [...]

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48 Hours in Panama City

Day One 8am Make your way into Panama City. If you are arriving at Tocumen International Airport you will be needing to find your way into the city. Unfortunately, this isn’t the cheapest of tasks. You best option will be to split a taxi costing about $30 with a group [...]

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