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Hey! I am Tasha Amy! The face and budget travel enthusiast behind Backpackers Wanderlust.

I am here to share with you all my travel tips about particular destinations. Ultimately I want this to be the only place you need to go for information about your next trip.

From your itinerary, and things to do, all the way down to where to eat and how to get from the airport to your hostel.

So if you want to backpack the globe solo, swap your 9 to 5 job for the delicious street food in Thailand, or discover hostel life in Honduras this is the place for you.

Come learn from my mistakes (trust me there are plenty), from my candidly raw guides. Anyone up for getting scammed in Thailand, contracting a disease in The Cook Islands, or midnight hospital visits in India?

I started my backpacking journey back in 2014 when during a bit of a breakdown I signed up for a trip to Costa Rica. The next year was spent scrimping and saving, balancing a full time supermarket cashier job with being a full time university student.

I headed to Costa Rica and fell in love with the Latin American culture and the whole idea of travel. Unfortunately, I had to head home after two months, and much to my family’s disappointment I swapped an accounting and business law degree to study photography.

Of course it was back to saving up for the next trip, and it has been a constant spiral of save and travel ever since.

I have solo backpacked Asia, Europe, and Central America multiple times, as well as thoroughly exploring around my home country of New Zealand, and neighbouring South Pacific Nations. So far I have visited 40+ countries, though I always seem to go back and revisit a few favorites.

My travel style is luxury for less and affordable travel. You may find me at a fancy hotel, though I will be eating at local restaurants to save money. I may stay in a hostel, though partaking in amazing once in a lifetime activities. I travel with a backpack to avoid paying for check in luggage fees, though that doesn’t mean I wont splurge and pay for extra leg room.

Maximizing your experiences is all about choosing where you decide to spend your money, cutting back in certain areas can allow you to spend more in others.

I mean there’s no point in traveling to the other side of the world if you cannot experience the best it has to offer!

To me backpacking is all about truly exploring a destination and getting off the beaten track, but at the same time maximizing your experiences and living life to the fullest .

Ready to join the journey? Come explore our destinations to find your next adventure!

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