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Whether you have any questions, inquiries or have some exciting news which you wish to contact me about, I’ll happily read them and reply to you as soon as I can. Though, please be aware that, depending on my current location, the backpacker lifestyle often involves extremely slow wifi, if any at all, so your patience is much appreciated !

Anywho, if the below form seems like too much effort, just give me a quick comment on either my instagram or send an email to me directly at backpackerswanderlust@hotmail.com . Though, the above form goes to the same place, but whatever floats your boat.

Also, If you are wishing to collaberate with Backpackers Wanderlust use the form below. Make sure you include some way I can contact you back on and details of the opportunity.

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Tasha Amy (1)

Your typical New Zealander, now discovering the world one country at a time. With a high-end backpacking style I prefer to glampack across the globe by embracing the best of each destination. All of which I share right here on Backpackers Wanderlust.