Central America Costa Rica

Manzanillo and Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


Arriving in Manzanillo & Puerto Viejo

After our white water rafting adventure, it was time to load the bus back up. Today we were driving to Manzanillo, a small town in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Sleeping the majority of the way, we arrived in the town of Puerto Viejo. Here, we stocked up once again on the necessary snacks and vodka. There was also an amazing cafΓ© which our tour guide Irene recommended. It called Bread & Chocolate which sold the most absolutely amazing brownies ever.


Walking through Pureto Viejo streets

It was time to board the purple bus once again for a quick twenty minute drive to our accommodation, Almonds and Corals Hotel. The rooms here are absolutely beautiful, amongst the jungle with four poster beds and a Jacuzzi. Dinner was a delicious buffet served at seven at the onsite restaurant. It is wonderful, containing the typical assortment of local Costa Rican foods, as well as a new one, yucca chips. After dinner we have a few games of pool and try some $5 cocktails, some amazing, some not so amazing.

almonds-corals-hotel-forest almonds-corals-hotel-path



Almonds & Corals Hotel


Manzanillo beach

The next day

Starting the day off right we had a decent meal of pancakes and scrambled eggs before setting off on a walk to the township of Manzanillo. Along the way we spotted many interesting plants, butterflies, spiders and even a good view of two sloths.


Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge


Continuing on for another half hour and a stream crossing we come to an amazing view. Looking right over the blue ocean with a fresh coconut in hand, this is the life. Walking back to the hotel along the beach we dodge waves and take in this amazing spot.


Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge


Almonds & Corals Hotel

For lunch we travel twenty minutes north back to the town of Puerto Viejo. Lunch is at a local restaurant called flipflops ordering a banana milkshake and a burger. After a massive meal we head out to explore the town, visiting the little tourist stores, local stalls and even reggaeworld of all places. All the girls get the typical gringo braid put in their hair. The meeting point to return to our accommodation was at an ice cream parlour. Even better, it was an Italian icecream parlour so definitely time for some more cinnamon ice cream.


Local stalls at Puerto Viejo


Getting hair braided at Pureto Viejo

For dinner we have the usual buffet assortment followed by a few cocktails. A group of us decide we are going to travel into Puerto Viejo to experience the nightlife in this province. After trying for two hours to catch a cab with no success we manage a grab a ride with two locals who work at the hotel. They lead us around to the best spots, helping order drinks and showing off their dancing skills. It is quite difficult to navigate a strange town when you are completely gone. Soon enough with tequila, weed and other drugs being passed around everybody’s night turned into a bit of a blur.


Drinking fresh coconuts at Pureto Viejo

TheΒ Next Morning

The next morning, waking up in the same outfit as the previous night, I quickly pack my bag. Luckily, there is a delicious breakfast of amazing scrambled eggs in the restaurant I listen to the gossip flow. Though, it was time to move on from Puerto Viejo to a new part of Costa Rica. Loading the bus we all prepare ourselves for the seven hour trip ahead.

I am travelling all through Costa Rica with International Student Volunteers (ISV). This is part of the two week adventure tour which all take me from the rainforest, to desert landscapes and even the Caribbean Coast!