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La Fortuna, Costa Rica


La Fortuna

Today was time to travel to a new location around Costa Rica. So, I would be calling La Fortuna home for the next 3 days. I doze into a deep slumber on the bus until we arrive at a small bus stop town for lunch. Time to grab Burger King for lunch. Though, unfortunately, on my return with the meal in one hand and drink in another, my view of the ground is blocked. Due to my weak ankle as soon as I hit uneven ground it gives out. Coke and tomato sauce goes everywhere. Hobbling back to the bus I elevate it for the rest of the trip on the seat up front.

Arriving in La Fortuna we have lunch at a soda where I order pasta with a tomato based sauce. It was absolutely perfect. We then head to our hotel, The Arenal Country Inn. Next, we are greeted by rain, cold showers and mosquito’s making home on the ceiling. Thankfully, with WIFI reaching our room we snuggled into bed catching up on the day’s news.


View from The Arenal Country Inn

For dinner we all head to the local restaurant recommended by our guide, called ‘ Lava Lounge’. It was beautiful with an open atmosphere and red fairy lights. There’s even photos of the volcano which stands over the town and hippy hammocks hanging from the ceiling. It is the ultimate chill vibe. The reason this particular restaurant was recommended was because of their work within the community. They feed the local stray animals. It is actually the only bar in town who welcomes them inside for shelter. Though, the fact that cats and dogs can walk around while you eat your meal may gross out some but I don’t mind it at all. Costa Rica is full of homeless animals. To be honest, it feels nice to be able to help.

lava lounge la fortuna

The Lava Lounge La Fortuna, Costa Rica

The Next Day

Another early morning, great stuff. We have an excellent buffet breakfast at the hotel. Then, it’s time to head down the road for zip lining with Arenal Mundo Aventura Canopy Tours.

Strapped into our harness and drenched from the rain we are piled onto a bus to the start. The rest of the way we walk. Well I hobble on my ankle determined to make it to the top. At least I am semi fit allowing the uphill trek to become a little easier. The first few zip lines are easy. Flying through the trees getting covered in mud. The heavy rain and the low lying cloud hide the amazing views. Irene, our guide, points out the volcano, which is only a darkened outline behind the clouds. Zip lining there for me was not as fun as Monteverde. Though, with better weather I am sure it would have been decent.

At the end of the zip lining we were greeted by the maleku tribe. They are the main indigenous people of Costa Rica. The tribe thrives on tourism, selling creations to tourists. Living a simple, secluded life can be hard, but they wear American clothes usually and only their native wear while tourists are around. Im not sure how I feel about this experience. It creates a good memory but in reality it is all just an act.


Us girls at Baldi Hot Springs

That afternoon was allocated for chilling out at the local hot pools at Bladi Hot Springs. Oh my goodness. Damn that place was fancy. The girls and I order overpriced cocktails and let our bodies soak in the heat. It was the first time we actually enjoyed being wet this whole trip. We spent four hours there relaxing, going down the slides and enjoying being luxurious for a few moments.


One of the bars at Baldi Hot Springs 

Next God answered our prayers in the form of a buffet dinner. It even came with a chocolate fountain. This was the buffet at Bladi Hot Springs. It was honestly the best buffet of my life. Though, truth be told Costa Rican’s do need to step up their desert game. A lot of the food there often consist of carbs, carbs and more carbs. That evening everyone slept well from food babies.

baldi hot springs by night

Baldi Hot Springs by night – Source


The Last Morning

It was our last morning in La Fortuna and I was well and truly over the rain. Though, lying in bed I noticed a strange noise, quietness. All I have heard while here is rain non stop. With no dripping on the roof this peacefulness is an unfamiliar tone. I investigate further creaking the door open while the girls are still fast asleep. Finally, I am greeted by the ever so missed sight of bright early morning sunshine. The beautiful tropical plants which line the path are covered in the remainder of the rain from last night. Suddenly, standing over me is the La Fortuna Volcano, a truly beautiful sight.


Arenal Country Inn pool area in La Fortuna

I am travelling all through Costa Rica with International Student Volunteers (ISV). This is part of the two week adventure tour which all take me from the rainforest, to desert landscapes and even the Caribbean Coast!