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Best Hostels On Khao San Road For The Ultimate Stay

Looking for the best hostels on Khao San Road? Comparing the price, facilities, amenities and location- come find out the top backpackers for all types of travelers in this ultimate guide!

Khao San Road in Bangkok is a backpackers paradise. With cheap beer and endless parties, it is more than enough to keep you entertained all night. Staying at one of the best hostels on Khao San Road is important as you need a decent place to rest your head when you finally decide to head to be. Whether you want to catch up on sleep during the day or keep the party going poolside we will explain where exactly you should stay in Khao San Road.

It is a seemingly right of passage for any backpacker in South East Asia to stay up all night and party on Khao San Road. A street full of restaurants, bars and tattoo parlors all dedicated to one thing, a good time. You might leave looking a little worse for wear, though by finding out the best hostels on Khao San Road will help you recover again for the next night.

That is why I created this guide on the best hostels in Khao San Road!

With the help of this list, you’ll be able to see what to look for when booking a hostel on Khao San Road! Making sure you can book a bed confidently and get a good deal.

So, let’s find out the best hostels in Khao San Road.

For the purpose of this article, I will be ranking the best hostels around the Khao San Road area. Some hostels might not be exactly on Khao San Road, but they will be within easy walking distance.

Where To Stay On Khao San Road: The Best hostels On Khao San Road

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food and drink on khao san road

How to Choose the Best Hostels On Khao San Road

Khao San Road overall is a fairly decent budget destination when it comes to hostel beds. Though, this can be a bit hit and miss in terms of the quality you receive for your Thai Baht. Let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than skimping a few dollars and then ending up with bed bugs. Trust me you will be spending a lot more having to wash all your belongings in hot water trying to get rid of them, yes including your shoes and your backpack.

So when choosing the best hostels on Khao San Road, some things I took into account are:


It is amazing the range of price difference you can come across when looking for hostels here on Khao San Road. They are not as cheap as you will find in neighboring Cambodia or perhaps up north in Chiang Mai. Though, this is due to location and being within a large popular city.


Khao San Road itself is a simple street. Though there are plenty of other streets close by which I recommend staying on. A personal favorite of mine is Soi Rambuttri. It is a lot more laid back than the neighboring Khao San Road, though there is still plenty of bars and restaurants available to eat at. You can also easily access the party over on Khao San Road easily by the alleyways which connect these two roads. Khao San Road itself can get extremely noisy so if you are wanting to stay among the action remember to bring earplugs!


To get the most out of your money on Khao San Road you are definitely going to want to get as many free amenities as possible. Booking a hostel with free breakfast and water will help save a little bit extra each day. Well save or more to spend on drinks, that’s up to you. There are even hostels with pools! What more could be the perfect way to spend the day. Also if you can find dorm rooms with pod style beds this is great for sleeping during the day. The last thing I think is important to note is quite a few hostels around Khao San Road turn off the air conditioning during the day, forcing you to go out and explore. Like this is great and all, but when you are hungover and just want to sleep, I couldn’t imagine anything worse!

The 13 Best Hostels On Khao San Road In Bangkok, Thailand

Overall Best Hostel On Khao San Road– BED STATION Hostel Khaosan

The ultimate backpacker hangout around, BED STATION Hostel is the overall best hostel in Khao San Road. No matter your preferred size of dormitory you will find one here. Each one has pod style beds with privacy curtains ensuring a good nights sleep. Oh and of course plenty of air conditioning to keep you cool. Though, if you are wanting the ultimate way to cool off just head downstairs to the pool and make some new friends! No doubt the facilities here make this place stand out, with the pool table, common area, onsite restaurant and bar, as well as a gym what more could you want! Be sure not to miss the beer pong nights and walking tours!

    • $$
    • Swimming Pool
    • Bar & Cafe Onsite
    • Tour Desk
    • Universal Sockets, Elevator, Play Station & More!
    • 400 Meters From Khao San Road


bed station hostel pool party with toys

Honorable Mention Best Hostel On Khao San Road – The Printing House Poshtel

I have got to give the Printing House Poshtel an honorable mention of this Best Hostel on Khao San Road list. This hostel is great and another which I highly recommend. You will find everything you could want here and even more. With extremely comfortable dorm rooms you will not find cheap metal bunk beds around here. Rather enjoy a sturdy wooden frame, personal tv’s for each bed and a privacy curtain. Also if you are not ready to head out for the night just yet, then head upstairs to the rooftop bar for impressive views over the city.

    • $$
    • Televisions In Bed!
    • Bar & Restaurant Onsite
    • Social Lounge
    • 600 Meters From Khao San Road


printing house poshtel comfortable dorm beds with televisions

Best Hostel on Khao San Road for Solo Travelers – Nappark Hostel @ Khao San

The best hostel for solo travelers on Khao San Road is Nappark Hostel @ Khao San. With plenty of social areas, you will have no problem finding like-minded travelers to mingle with throughout your stay. The light and airy air-conditioned rooms provide a great place to rest your head, well if you do plan on sleeping. The staff here are known to be among the friendliest around and will be more than happy to provide recommendations or assist you with requests. The only downside is that they turn the air conditioning off during the day. Though, luckily once night comes they turn it on. If your a social solo traveler looking to make friends to hit the town with you will have no problem with Nappark Hostel @ Khao San.

  • $$
  • Free Individual Lockers
  • Lounge Area With Netflix
  • Onsite Laundry Facilities
  • 400 meters from Khao San Road


nappark hostel khao san road songkran celebrations

Here Hostel Bangkok

For a fun time and to meet more travelers you cannot go wrong with Here Hostel Bangkok. There’s a great garden area where you can mix and mingle with new people. To prove this place oozes fun there is even a slide from the dorm floor to reception, how cool! It is no wonder this place received a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for the past 3 years. It might be slightly pricier than some of the other hostels in the Khao San Road area, but it does include a free breakfast which many of the others do not.

  • $$$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Coffee, Water & Tea All Day
  • Pool
  • 700 meters from Khao San Road


here hostel khao san road outdoor garden area

Best Cheap Hostel On Khao San Road – Sloth Hostel

I actually tested out Sloth Hostel on my most recent trip to Bangkok and had a great stay. With close proximity to Khao San Road you are close to all the action, but in a quiet enough location to get a good nights sleep. The air con is left on all day which is ideal if you enjoy a sleep in. The dorm rooms are high quality with sturdy beds, privacy curtain a well as a personal light and sockets. For the cheap price, breakfast is also included which will get you going for the day. If you are looking for value for money Sloth Hostel is certainly the Best Cheap Hostel on Khao San.

  • $
  • Free Breakfast
  • Tour Desk
  • Privacy Curtain
  • 400 Meters From Khao San Road


sloth hostel khao san road common room and reception area

Krit Hostel

One of the best cheap hostels in Khao San is Krit Hostel. Perfect for travelers on a budget with extremely affordable rooms, actually they are the cheapest on this list. Krit Hostel provides a free buffet breakfast and free WiFi. There is also a great rooftop space to chill on as well as a delicious coffee bar on site.

  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Water
  • 700 Meters From Khao San Road


krit hostel khao san road common area couches

Best Hostel for Females on Khao San Road – The LOL Elephant Hostel

The LOL Elephant Hostel is the best hostel for female travelers in Khao San Road as they offer clean and beautiful female dorm rooms with plenty of amenities. With enough rose gold to make any millennial knees weak this aesthetically pleasing hostel has gorgeous common areas and even an impressive reception area. They provide a tranquil space where you can relax and the ladies who run the hostel are great.  The bed’s capsule design with a personal reading light, socket and a curtain for privacy. The only downside is that it is not overly spacious, though small rooms are a common theme in hostels in Khao San Road and Bangkok itself. If you are a female looking for a peaceful and relaxing hideaway, then you cannot go wrong with The LOL Elephant Hostel.

  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • 700 Meters From Khao San Road


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lol elephant hostel rose gold decorated reception

Best Cheap Private Room On Khao San Road – Jam Hostel Bangkok

Easily one of the best cheap private rooms in Khao San is Jam Hostel Bangkok. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing place to rest your head Jam Hostel Bangkok is the perfect option for you. All rooms come with a wardrobe, air conditioning, private bathroom and television, ensuring you have a perfect stay in Bangkok. The friendly staff at Jam Hostel Bangkok will be happy to assist you and give you recommendations.

  • $$
  • Refrigerator In Room
  • Clean And Modern Design
  • 700 Meters From Khao San Road

jam hostel cheap private room

Ibis Styles Khao San

Another place I recently stayed while in Bangkok was the new Ibis Styles Khao San. This has no doubt become one of my favorite places in the area and I will certainly be back in future visits. This is more of a family-friendly hotel than your party backpacker hostel. There is an impressive pool onsite to chill at during the day and a delicious restaurant on site. Seriously if you are missing some home comfort western food I cannot recommend their strEATS restaurant more!

  • $$$
  • Pool
  • Onsite Restaurant
  • Onsite Bakery
  • 300 Meters From Khao San Road


ibis styles khao san road double room

More Best Hostels In Khao San

Nitan Hostel Khaosan

I had to include at least one hostel which was located on Khao San Road, so here it is, Nitan Hostel Khaosan. This is a beautifully designed hostel which seems a world away from the crazy party life outside. If you are good at getting so drunk you have difficulty walking, this may be the best place to stay for you. The beds here are designed with privacy in mind, ideal if you want an early night or a sleep in. If location matters to you there is no way you can beat Nitan Hostel Khaosan.

  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Privacy Light
  • On Khao San Road


nitan hostel dorm rooms on khao san road

Siam Colors Hostel

If you are not a fan of regular bunk bed style dorms then you cannot go wrong with Siam Colors Hostel. Their dorm rooms are just regular style single beds. Some of the rooms have privacy walls, so it is like you have a private room, but you are still paying dorm prices. Just click on the pictures to check what kind of room you are booking as they have such a variety, no doubt something for every type of traveler.

  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Colorful Design
  • 750 Meters From Khao San Road


siam colors hostel common room

Suneta Hostel Khaosan

Suneta Hostel Khaosan is one of the best hostels in Khao San Road area. They offer nightly activities throughout the week and you will become well acquainted by the three resident cats who quickly become everyone’s best friend. The swanky decor here makes for a beautiful stay and there is even a little shop on site selling ice creams! The dorm rooms here are excellent as well! Capsule style dorm room is a common theme throughout the best hostels in Khao San Road, though what sets Suneta Hostel apart is the personal televisions that are located in the capsules! If you are looking to stay close to all the action, but still somewhere that you can get some peace and quite definitely check this place out.

  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Dorm Rooms With Personal TVs!!!
  • 350 Meters From Khao San Road


suneta hostel dorm room with televisions

Vivit Hostel Bangkok

Vivit Hostel Bangkok provides gorgeous common and dorm areas for travelers with a bit of a higher budget. There are privacy curtains around the bed as well as personal lights and power sockets. One feature which you do not commonly find in dorm rooms is shelving with the bed area as well. Perfect for those little items you like to sleep with. The beds at Vivit Hostel Bangkok are also something to write home about as they are known as being the best mattresses in Bangkok. Though, one truly stand out feature of this hostel is that it is set in a heritage building. It was the traditional custom-made uniform shop which served the Royal Household since 1909.

  • $$$
  • Free Breakfast
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Laundry Facilities
  • 750 Meters From Khao San Road


vivit hostel women travelers sitting under sign laughing

So Where To Stay On Khao San Road?

Khao San Road is a must do for any backpacker in South East Asia. Being the ultimate party destination having a good place to rest your head will be important. So with the help of this list of the best hostels on Khao San Road you will know exactly where to stay in Khao San.

Therefore whether you are looking for a party atmosphere or a quiet place to stay, you will now know the best hostel in Bagan for you!

Do you own or work for a hostel and want to be featured? Let us know over at [email protected]

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The best hostels on Khao San Road. Find exactly where you should stay on Khao San Road no matter what type of traveler you are. Make new friends and memories in the greatest party place in Bangkok.

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