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Tra Que Vegetable Village In Hoi An, Vietnam

Visiting Tra Que Vegetable Village In Hoi An, Vietnam

With intense colors and a more of a rural setting, the Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An is a must visit when in this amazing city. The livelihood of around 150 farmers and 400 owners call this place home and create the highest quality vegetables produced in Hoi An.


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close up of veges at tra que vegetable village

lady gardening at tra que vegetable village in hoi an

How To Get To Tra Que Vegetable Village In Hoi An

Located only a few kilometers north of Hoi An, between De Vong River and Tra Que Alga Pond, is the Tra Que Vegetable Village. It is super easy to get to and just off the main road if you are heading to An Bang beach from Hoi An.

Whether you have hired a bike or a motorbike it is a simple location to access, just use maps.me or google maps. Though, be aware of signs stating ‘no motorbike’ in certain areas of the vegetable village. Just park up and walk around it yourself.

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cycling past a water buffalo in hoi an vietnam

About Tra Que Vegetable Village

What sets Tra Que Vegetable Village apart from its counterparts is the absence of any chemicals or harsh fertilizers used in the growing process. This mean less harmful, fresher and cleaner produce to your table, ensuring you will only be consuming food the best of quality.

Instead of using these chemicals, rather the farmers use a special type of algae found in the nearby lagoon in Tra Que. Each morning the locals head to the lagoon and harvest the algae to assist with the growing of vegetables.

Lastly because of the rich soil in Tra Que Vegetable Village it also assists with the growing of produce, ultimately resulting in the 8 tons of vegetables sold solely from this village each year.

landscapes over tra que vegetable village


restaurant and cooking school at tra que vegetable village

Where To Stay Near The Tra Que Vegetable Village

There are some great accommodation options extremely close of the Tra Que Vegetable Village:

Nhu Que Vegetable Village Homestay 

Nhu Que Vegetable Village Homestay is the perfect place for backpackers wanting to get a little more into the countryside in Hoi An. With both private and dorm bedrooms and an affordable price, it is the perfect place to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the old town of Hoi An.

Christina’s Hoi An

If your budget stretches a bit further than mine does, check out Christina’s Hoi An. Located in the Tra Que Vegetable Village with river views this beautiful property even has an outdoor pool. It the perfect place to chill out after exploring Hoi An, though be aware you will never want to leave.

garden at tra que vegetable village hoi an

water buffalo in fields at tra que vegetable village

What To Do At The Tra Que Vegetable Village

With a growing area of up to 40 hectares and over 41 different types of produce growing in the Tra Que Vegetable Village there is plenty here to see and do. Chill out and watch the farmers gp about their daily tasks. Raking, sowing, watering and picking the vegetables.

You can easily take a tour to learn more about the processes with Tra Que Vegetable Village. Even try out the farming techniques. While I was in Hoi An I was going to visit with Hoi An Free Tours. The tour they run to the village is not free, though you do get a really hands on experience, which for me would have been worth the money.

Alternatively, you can just simply ride your bicycle or walk around the pathways. There are plenty opportunities to people watch and you will for sure be impressed by the immense producing grounds and the techniques they used. I know I was and I am from the agriculture based country of New Zealand. Just remember to bring your camera!

There are plenty of local cooking classes in the area which showcase the amazing produce grown at the Tra Que Vegetable Village. If you are interested in the Vietnamese culture and food I highly recommend taking one of the cooking classes.

I have read mixed reports on whether or not there is an entry fee to visit Tra Que Vegetable Village. I personally did not pay during my visit and I did not see any ‘ticket booths’. Though, I have read reports online stating that there is a $0.90 / 20000 VND entry fee.

views over tra que vegetable village

two men in a rice field, hoi an vietnam

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