Visiting The Thanh Ha Pottery Village In Hoi An, Vietnam

A Morning At Thanh Ha Pottery Village In Hoi An, Vietnam

When in Hoi An I recommend getting out of the city a little bit and exploring a slower paced life in Thanh Ha Pottery Village. Though, this is not just any place, is it somewhere which is famous in Vietnam and has contributed a lot to important buildings throughout the country’s history.

It may be a little bit touristy though if you are willing to get your hands dirty, learn some pottery techniques and have a laugh in the process it could be well worth the visit.

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street in thanh ha pottery village

How To Get To Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Located in the Quang Nam Provience and 3km east of Hoi An is the Thanh Ha Pottery Village.

You can hire a bicycle to get here as many do in Hoi An, though I recommend getting a motorbike instead. This will save you using all your energy in the Vietnamese heat. There is a fee to park in Thanh Ha of  $0.20 / 5000 VND which is what I paid, though supposedly if you park within the gate there is no charge.

drying pots outside a house at thanh ha pottery village in hoi an

Costs To Visit Thanh Ha Pottery Village

There is an entry fee into Thanh Ha Pottery Village of $1.30 / 30000 VND. This amount includes a little souvenir which you will receive from one of the houses, but I will leave what you get a surprise!

The Terracotta Park also located within Thanh Ha Pottery Village has an additional entry fee of $2.20 / 50000 VND.

ovens to cook the pottery in thanh ha pottery village

Why Thanh Ha Pottery Village?

Dating back to the 15th Century Thanh Ha Pottery Village is rich in history and has contributed to the creation of many amazing sites in Vietnam throughout the years.

Back in the day the Nguyen Dynasty actually invited those form the Thanh Ha Pottery Village to create some decorative features for the Imperial City of Hue. This was an important moment for the people of Thanh Ha as this is when they gained great recognition for the work they were doing and truly fortified their place within Vietnamese History. The cups, jars, bowls and pots crafted here are exported all over the world.

By using a variety of burning, baking and heat modulations can results in the production of different colored products, from the bright pinks to deep blacks. These techniques demonstrate what skilled craftsmen the people of Thanh Ha Pottery Village truly are. As well as this the bricks as tiles which are produced here are extremely sought after in Vietnam. They are considered a durability and trusted product.

animal whistles drying at thanh ha pottery village

The Terracotta Park In Thanh An Pottery Village

I personally did not visit the Terracotta Park in Thanh An Pottery Village. This was due to the cost being separate from the village entry fee. It would have pushed us a bit over our daily budget. I will say it did look like a super interesting place to explore though.

There are very impressive pottery creations spread out around the grounds with a beautiful building in the middle. You will be able to walk around the world in one small area as the garden features the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, Sydney Opera House, The Vatican, Statue of Liberty, The Whitehouse and so many more!

spinning pots at thanh ha pottery village hoi an vietnam

symmetrical pots drying in sun

What To Expect At Thanh Ha Pottery Village

It was unexpectedly quiet when we visited the Thanh Ha Pottery Village. The whole time we were there we only saw a handful of other people. This was mostly just couples trying to kill a few hours in the day.

Thanh Ha is a beautiful village to walk around, with the clay buildings and brightly colored doors I had my camera out the entire time. There were plenty of smiles from the locals. Though, like the majority of places in Vietnam it always felt like someone was constantly trying to sell us something. Whether that’s painting some pottery or purchasing a cup people were trying to get us into their houses and shops.

There were a couple of occasions which we felt a bit more comfortable and were genuinely interested in what the locals were doing, so we did go inside and chat with them. One front yard was even filled with hundreds of the same clay bowls so we went inside and watched two ladies make them. One span the machine with her foot and the other shaped the clay. I also had a quick go at it as well, but to say I was bad would be a massive understatement.

Overall it was a good way to kill some time and get away from the busy roads of Hoi An. The opportunities to interact with the locals and learn about their livelihood was interesting. Also, if I were to visit again I would certainly see the Terracotta Park as well!

girl spinning pottery in thanh ha pottery village hoi an

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