Hoi An To Nha Trang: 5 BEST Options Explained 2024

Find out how to travel from Hoi An to Nha Trang while in Vietnam. This is a popular route for travelers to make when exploring this country. Whether you want to get from Hoi An to Nha Trang by plane, bus, or train I will let you know how to book, prices, and more!

No doubt you will find yourself exploring Hoi An during some part of your backpacking Vietnam adventures. This is a super cute and quaint touristy town, which is one of my must-visit places in Vietnam. Though once, you have taken those cute Instagram pics and drank one too many beers it’s time to continue your adventures through this incredible country. If you are like me and happen to be traveling south, your next route is likely to be from Hoi An to Nha Trang.

Now I will be honest, people generally love or hate Nha Trang. It is quite different from anywhere else in Vietnam, as in it isn’t that Vierbanese. instead, this place is a hugely popular spot with Russians wanting to catch some sun rays. Though I just happened to fall into the category of highly enjoying my time in Nha Trang. I mean, affordable accommodation, decent food, and a great beach. What more could a girl want?

Having traveled from the north of Vietnam where the weather was quite chilly, I was well and truly looking forward to a couple of beach days. This is a huge and bustling city, think skyscrapers towering up to the sky. It certainly was a lot more modern than anywhere I have traveled in Vietnam so far, but that was part of the appeal.

Though it is quite the journey to travel from Hoi An to Nha Trang and can take quite a bit of time. So much so that a lot of people do this as an overnight journey. Luckily there are plenty of options for how to travel. Though how do you know which one is best and the most economical for the wallet?

I will let you know everything you need to know about traveling from Hoi An to Nha Trang such as whether to bus, plane, minivan, taxi, or train, prices, how to book tickets, departure times, and more!

Train14 hoursfrom $40Comfortable journey
Luxury Train14 hoursfrom $60Super comfortable journey
Bus12 hoursfrom $13The cheapest way to travel
Tourist Bus13 hoursfrom $14More comfortable than the regular bus
Plane1 hourfrom $35The fastest way to travel

How To Travel From Hoi An to Nha Trang: All Transport Options Explained

Hoi An To Nha Trang Distance

Whether you decide to travel from Hoi An to Nha Trang by plane, rail, or road, the distance will be around the same. Both follow a similar route down the eastern side of the country. You will pass along the coast, by fields being farmed, and through cities. For the most part, the road and train tracks follow alongside each other, apart from going through a few cities.

All up the journey covers around 500 kilometers. The main thing which will sway you towards one of the options of either bus, train or plane will consist of budget, length of time and comfort factor.

Hoi An To Nha Trang Travel Time

Bus: The trip from Hoi An to Nha Trang takes approximately 11 hours. Though this timeframe can vary depending on how often the bus stops and for how long.

Plane: It takes approximately 1 hour to travel from Hoi An to Nha Trang on a plane.

Train: from Hoi An to Nha Trang takes 10 hours and 30 minutes to complete your journey. Even though this is a long journey it certainly is the most comfortable if you happen to book a soft sleeper so it isn’t all bad!

view out to sea from hoi an to nha trang
view out to sea in nha trang

Bus From Hoi An To Nha Trang

If you are on a tighter budget, or simply not a fan of train travel, then you may find that taking the bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang is the best choice for you. Depending on which company you book with the journey could take between 10 to 12 hours. In all honesty, the journey isn’t too bad especially if you book it overnight so you can sleep the majority of the way. Just prepare yourself to get awoken every few hours for bathroom breaks.

As someone who has taken sleeper buses in Vietnam, let me just say you pick your bus company carefully. For the purpose of this travel guide, I will only be recommending more reputable companies on the Hoi An to Nha Trang route including The Sinh Tourist and Hanh Cafe.

Bus vs Tourist Bus

Now let’s get into the difference between the type of buses available, either a regular bus or a tourist bus. Your general regular bus is more to Vietnamese standards, which is fine if you know that is what you are booking. Though if not, you may be in for a sleepless surprise.

Anyway, I found your typical Vietnamese buses to be a bit painful. The lay-flat seats were not tall enough for us Westerners, it was far from clean, and the constant stopping and starting. The reason I ended up on such buses is that I let my accommodation book them rather than doing my own research.

From there onwards we used The Sinh Tourist. Be aware there are plenty of fake websites and fake stores pretending to be this company. Their lay flat seats were even more comfortable being slightly longer for us tall foreigners. You do pay a premium to book with them.

Another good company is Hanh Cafe. Anyway just do your research in advance and book online through a platform like Baolau or 12.Go Asia where you can read reviews. For the purpose of this travel guide, I will only recommend tourist buses.

Sleeper vs Seater Bus

Now the unique thing about taking a bus in Vietnam is the impressive sleeper-style buses. These buses are honestly not like any I have seen elsewhere with three rows of chairs stacked two tall. For longer journeys, such as from Hoi An to Nha Trang this is the type of bus you will be taking.

I am tall. Sure I am not super tall, just reaching 180cm. Though I am tall enough that I need to awkwardly contort my body to fit my feet into those little boxes. Honestly, if you are less than 165cm you should be fine in the typical sleeper-style bus, though any taller and it will be one uncomfortable journey. For the tourist-style buses, 180cm is really how tall you should be to comfortably fit.

At the back of the buses is a huge lay-flat area. Basically, imagine your large row on the back of the bus is converted into a huge bed. This is where they chuck the tall people.

sunrise out the bus window from hoi an to nha trang
sunrise out the bus window from hoi an to nha trang

Bus Schedule From Hoi An To Nha Trang

Below is the bus schedule departing Hoi An to Nha Trang. Be aware there are so many companies you can choose from and this is just a small selection of the best few:

BusDeparture TimesLengthPrice
Hanh Cafe17:30- 03:3010hfrom $12.00
The Sinh Tourist18:15- 06:0011h 45mfrom $16.00

As you can see there are not too many options for this route. Though both are overnight journeys so it does save you the cost of booking accommodation. The main thing with Hanh Cafe is you are aware of your arrival time in Nha Trang of 03:30. There will be taxis to take to your accommodation, but you will need to make sure someone is manning the reception desk who can let you in.

In contrast, The Sinh Tourist takes longer, and costs a bit more, but arrives at a much more reasonable hour.

How To Book Tickets

It is super easy to book the bus from Hoi An to Nha Trang. Personally, I recommend booking it online via Baolau or 12.Go Asia. This is simply so you can read reviews rather than going through your accommodation or a travel agency. I had a bad experience doing the latter and would hate for you to do the same!

Anyway by booking with Baolau or 12.Go Asia you can see what other travelers have said about the journey with particular companies. Then you can just book your ticket through their website and they will email you a copy. It’s super easy!

Where Does The Bus Drop You Off

Depending on which bus company you end up with booking will affect where you are dropped off in Nha Trang. Though the majority do drop you off in the city center. Just be aware that depending on where your accommodation is located you may need to take a taxi or walk the rest of the distance.

Hanh Cafe: 10 Hùng Vương, Lộc Thọ, Thành phố Nha Trang

The Sinh Tourist: 90C Hùng Vương, Lộc Thọ, Thành phố Nha Trang

Transfer From Hoi An To Da Nang For Airport & Train Station

To take a flight or the train from Hoi An to Nha Trang you will first need to get yourself to Da Nang. This is because this is where the closest airport and train station is to Hoi An. Though don’t worry, it is super easy to get between these two cities. I will give a brief overview below, but more a more detailed description you are best to check out my post on traveling between Da Nang and Hoi An.

Taxi From Hoi An To Da Nang

A super easy and convenient way to travel from Hoi An to Da Nang is by taxi. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for something that is comfortable, private, and efficient.

Depending on your exact location in Hoi An, the time of day, the taxi company that you book with, and even the mood of the driver can and will affect the end price that you will pay. Nevertheless, you can expect to pay between 300,000 to 400,000 VND or $13.00 to $17.00 on the taxi journey.

You can use 12.Go Asia to prebook your taxi from Hoi An to Da Nang.

Alternatively, you can book a Grab taxi. Grab is a mobile app similar to Uber. It is used widely in Southeast Asia and often will provide you with better rates than getting a taxi by the meter. It also takes away the stress of having to negotiate a rate or make sure you are using a reputable company. I have also used Grab all throughout Vietnam and it is an excellent way to travel.

Public Bus From Hoi An To Da Nang

A budget-friendly option to travel from Hoi An to Da Nang, perfect for backpackers, is taking the public bus. This is also the option I choose, simply because it was the cheapest. Though that doesn’t mean it is for everyone.

In Hoi An the bus stops at Bến xe Hội An Nguyễn Tất Thành bus station, 1.5km north of the Ancient Town. It will then make a couple of stops in Da Nang where you can choose to get off. The closest to the train station is outside of Cho Market. The bus runs from 5.30 am to 6 pm, departing every 20 minutes in the high season and every 40 minutes in the low season.

It costs 18,000 VND / $0.80 per person to take the bus from Hoi An to Da Nang. Though be aware that it does cost extra if you are traveling with luggage. Instead, a ticket will cost 30,000 VND / $1.30 with luggage.

Hoi An Express Bus From Hoi An To Da Nang

An awesome option for travelers needing to get to Da Nang Airport is by taking the Hoi An Express. They are a popular transfer company with travelers with buses departing every hour between 5 am and 11 pm daily.

The journey on the Hoi An Express Bus costs $8.40 per person making it a great option for solo travelers or those on a mid-range budget. They will pick you up at your hotel in the Hoi An city center. The buses also have air conditioning and free wifi on board. Just be aware that if it is outside of the main city center there may be an extra charge.

If you think the Hoi An Express shuttle bus is the perfect choice for you to get from Hoi An to Da Nang Airport then you can book tickets over at Get Your Guide. You will see there are over a thousand reviews showing just how popular this method of transport is! You will see there are multiple options when you book including private minivan and sedan transfers that start at $28.00.

Sinh Tourist Bus From Hoi An To Da Nang

Last but not least is the option to take the Sinh Tourist bus. This is a great choice to get into the city of Da Nang or to the train station. The journey starts at The Sinh Tourist office in Hoi An. This is located at 646 Hai Ba Trung, 1.5km north of the Night Market and 600m from the Ancient City.

The Sinh Tourist bus departs twice daily, in the morning at 10 am and in the afternoon at 3.30 pm. You can expect the journey to take around an hour and a half depending on traffic.

The cost of the ticket from Hoi An to Da Nang with the Sinh Tourist is 250,000 VND / $10.80 per person. You can either book online at 12.Go Asia or Baolau. Alternatively, if you’d like to book in person, you can do so at their office.

The bus arrives at The Sinh Tourist office located at 16, 3 Thang 2, Thuan Phuoc in the north-western part of the city. It is 8 kilometers from the main bus terminal and 2 kilometers from Con Market in the center of the city.

the sinh tourist bus from da nang to hoi an
the sinh tourist bus from da nang to hoi an

Train From Hoi An To Nha Trang

Taking the train is my absolute favorite way to see Vietnam. There always seem to be incredible countryside or coastal views out the window. I have actually taken the train completely from North to South.

What Is The Regular Train Like

Now before we get too involved in learning about taking the train from Hoi An to Nha Trang you need to know there are two different types of trains you can book. This is either the regular train or a luxury train.

The regular train is operated by Vietnam Railways. This is where you will find the majority of more affordable tickets. Currently, they operate this journey multiple times per day, with the SE3, SE19, SE1, SE7, SE5, and SE9 trains. Though they all depart at different times so make sure to research which will be best for you. They have the option of hard or soft sleeper berths, as well as hard or soft seats.

I have used the standard trains operated by Vietnam Railways throughout the country and honestly have not had any issues. Though I certainly have heard of some horror stories *bugs*. Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to avoid this on my train travels in Vietnam.

What Is The Luxury Train Like

In contrast, the luxury train is a lot nicer than the regular train. The choices you have are either Livitrans or Violette Express. It is still an overnight journey. Though the main difference here is the amenities and facilities you are provided with onboard.

These trains are not actually their own individual trains. They actually operate on the Vietnam Railways Trains. Though what they have done is decked out a few of the carriages on board and increase the amenities you are provided.

You will find that your cabin is a lot nicer onboard with proper pillows, snacks, and free Wifi. You will also have access to the lounge at the train station for a more peaceful spot to relax and wait until boarding is ready. Of course, it costs a little more than the regular train, though the exact price difference depends on the operator you decide to book with.

taking the train through the fields on the way from hoi an to nha trang
taking the train through the fields on the way from hoi an to nha trang

Train Schedule From Hoi An To Nha Trang

Below is the train schedule departing Hoi An and arriving in Nha Trang. As you can see it really isn’t too much more expensive for some of the luxury trains. Though in exchange you get a lot more amenities to make your overall journey a lot more comfortable.

Please be aware in the following table the price for the Vietnam Railways trains is starting at the cheapest point, aka for the seats. The luxury trains are always for the soft sleeper beds as that is all they offer.

TrainDeparture TimeLengthPrice
SE21 (Vietnam Railways)08:4711h 22mfrom $16.00
SE5 (Vietnam Railways)09:2811h 12mfrom $17.00
SE3 (Vietnam Railways)12:4911h 18mfrom $18.00
SE1 (Vietnam Railways)13:419h 38mfrom $20.00
NH1 (Vietnam Railways)20:0610h 59mfrom $22.00
SE7 (Vietnam Railways)23:5210h 55mfrom $22.00
Livitrans12:4911h 18mfrom $65.00
Violette Train12:4911h 18mfrom $68.00

How To Book Tickets From Da Nang To Nha Trang

Nowadays it is a lot easier to buy tickets for the trains. Vietnam Railways accepts e-tickets as well, which prevents the common stress of freaking out wondering where you can print that ticket you just purchased online.

Though before we get too into that you will need to decide what type of ticket you would like to purchase. All of the trains operated by Vietnam Railways offer a variety of cabin choices so you can pick the perfect option for you:SE5, and SE9: Onboard you will find air-conditioned 4-berth soft sleepers, air-conditioned 6-berth hard sleepers, air-conditioned soft seats, air-conditioned hard seats, and ordinary seats.

SE1, and SE3: These are the best trains with air-conditioned 4-berth soft sleepers, air-conditioned 6-berth hard sleepers, and air-conditioned soft seats. SE3 was refurbished in 2015 and SE1 was refurbished in 2016. You will also find these trains offer privately run luxury sleeper beds by companies such as Livitrans and Violette.

SE7: This train only runs at busy times such as Tet. Onboard you can find air-conditioned soft sleepers, air-conditioned hard sleepers, and air-conditioned soft seats.

What Berth To Book

There is an assortment of seating or berths you can book on the trains. Be aware that even though you may book the same class twice it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the same. Quite a few trains have been refurbished in recent years making them a lot more comfortable. Though this isn’t the case with all trains.

Hard Seat Or Soft Seat: The seats are the cheapest you will find, with a hard seat being one of the cheapest options available. This is good for shorter journeys, though I would think twice before booking one for a long journey.

Hard Sleeper Or Soft Sleeper: The majority of travelers will choose a soft sleeper when taking long journeys in Vietnam. This is definitely the most comfortable way to travel. Also, it is the safest with a smaller amount of people around you. The only difference between the hard sleeper and soft sleeper berths is the number of people you will be sharing with. A hard sleeper sleeps 6 people whereas a soft sleeper sleeps, 4 people. So contrary to the name you won’t be sleeping on a hard surface. You will just have less headroom if you are wanting to sit upright.

Lower or Upper Berth: The appeal of the lower berth is simply that it is a lot easier to get into. There is no climbing an awkward ladder, trying not to fall off while the train moves. The lower ones are also generally slightly bigger as they are permanent fixtures. The upper berth is a lot more private! Just be aware you may also have the air conditioning blowing straight onto you so bring an extra jacket on board to keep warm!

Top tip: If you book your train via Baolau you can pick in advance whether you want a lower or upper berth.

arriving at the train station in nha trang
arriving at the train station in nha trang

Buy Tickets Online

You can purchase tickets online. It is a bit confusing as some websites still say you need to print out to ticket and swap it with a proper one at the train station. Though no one wants to do this! I ended up booking with Baolau. Their website said I didn’t need to print off my ticket and instead just show my ticket on my phone to the attendant on the train. This is what I did and didn’t have any issues with.

Buy Tickets From Vietnam Railways

Another option is buying your tickets directly at Vietnam Railways. You often can’t find the cheaper hard/soft seater tickets available on third-party websites as they are not a popular choice for travelers. So, if you are on a budget you can book direct with Vietnam Railways. You will find the tickets are slightly cheaper when you purchase direct.

My Experience Taking The Train From Da Nang To Hoi An

Today we would be taking the train from Da Nang to Hoi An. We stayed the previous night in the city because we would be taking a relatively early train out. An option would’ve been to take the bus from Hoi An to Da Nang that morning, but that would’ve been stressful in the event of a breakdown or traffic.

We brought some snacks along from a delicious bakery we found. It is called ABC Bakery and is just a 10-minute walk away from the train station. This is the perfect place to stock up on yummy baked treats for a long journey. It is super affordable as well! It was probably one of the best decisions we made.

With our big backpacks and a few pastries in tow, we made our way down to the train station. We would be taking the SE5 Train with Vietnam Railways from Da Nang to Hoi An. This is one of the cheaper options to book because it is an older model of train and traveling during the day. There were a couple of night train options we could’ve booked, but unfortunately, the 4 berth sleepers were sold out on those ones. We ended up paying $21.00 for a 4-berth soft sleeper on the SE5 train departing at 9.28 am.

After a short wait, the train pulls up and we jump on board. Making the way to our cabin we were welcomed by a Vietnamese man who was on the top bunk. He would be our cabin mate for the next 10 or so hours down to Nha Trang. Our blankets and pillows had been used, but this was no biggie. The hot sun was already beating through the window and you could feel the heat coming through. No worries the air con would kick in when the train starts moving.

Settling in you could tell it is one of the older trains. At this stage, we had only traveled in the new SE1 and SE3 trains down Vietnam, so the differences were obvious coming onboard. Nevertheless, we settled in and got comfortable.

Surprisingly I fell asleep pretty quickly. It wasn’t until the room started heating up that I woke up in a sweat. The air conditioning was going, but it was barely making a difference under the Vietnamese sun. I know you’ll often get told to bring extra jackets in Southeast Asia because the air conditioning can be blasting on trains and buses, though this was not the case.

Honestly, the journey was a bit of a blur of killing time with candy crush and feeling uncomfortably sweaty. Though researching this route again now I see that the SE5 train has been refurbished which would’ve fixed a lot of these issues. Looks like we took it a few months too early.

waiting for the night train to arrive in da nang
waiting for the night train to arrive in da nang

Da Nang Train Station

The Da Nang train station is basically, smack bang in the middle of the city. You can find it located at 791 Hai Phong Street. We stayed in a hostel only a 5-minute walk from the train station, which meant to didn’t need to walk far with our heavy backpacks.

The train station here is pretty small. Though I guess that just means you cannot get lost. There will also be plenty of taxis waiting around in the city if you are needing a ride, and if you are not needing one you will get plenty of offers anyway.

Nha Trang Train Station

Nha Trang station is a little bit of a walk away from the city center where the majority of accommodation options are located. You will find it at 17 Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan District in Nha Trang City.

We arrived in Nha Trang in the dark and decided to walk to our hostel. Though there were plenty of taxis around if you needed one. Just being a traveler on a budget I decided to walk the 25 minutes to my hostel. I was with my partner at the time and we didn’t feel unsafe walking through Nha Trang at nightfall.

Fly From Hoi An To Nha Trang

If you aren’t overly worried about traveling overland then booking a flight from Da Nang to Nha Trang may just be the best option for you. Flying is usually the more expensive way to travel between locations. Though thankfully Vietnam has plenty of budget airlines. Seriously flights can be found for as little as $30.00.

There are around 3 flights daily to Nha Trang from Da Nang so there are not too many options. You will depart Da Nang International Airport (DAD) in Da Nang for Nha Trang Cam Ranh Airport (CXR) in Nha Trang.

Just remember you generally need to book flights further out to get a good price. This means less flexibility in your travels as you will through your entire itinerary off if you spend a few extra days somewhere. Vietjet Air is the cheapest and most suitable airline to operate this route

You will need to keep in mind that the Da Nang Airport is located approximately 20 minutes outside of the city center. In Nha Trang, the Cam Ranh Airport is about 1 hour away. That means even though the flight between Da Nang and Nha Trang itself may only be an hour, the total journey could take you 3 hours all up.

Flights can be booked at 12.Go Asia or over on Skyscanner.

arriving in hoi an on the plane at cam ranh airport
arriving in hoi an on the plane at cam ranh airport

FAQ’s About Traveling Hoi An To Nha Trang

How many days to spend in Nha Trang? Depending on what you plan to do in Nha Trang will affect how long your want to spend there. Personally, I would stay 3 full days. This is simply so you can enjoy your time on the beach and relax. Though after a big overland journey, you will want to stay a little longer to recover.

How far in advance do I need to book tickets? It is recommended you book tickets in advance to ensure you can travel with a reputable, clean, and safe company. You should try for at least a week in advance to be safe. Though if you are not worried about this then you can probably just book the day before.

Booking through Baolau or 12.Go Asia is perfect for those busy periods as you can book when you haven’t even arrived in the country yet! This means you can relax knowing all the planning is taken care of.

This advice isn’t valid during the high season between November to January, weekends, and especially during the Vietnamese New Year (Tet). During these times you will want to book at least 4 weeks in advance and expect a very full bus, train, or flight.

Where To Stay In Nha Trang?

As with most places in Vietnam, when choosing where to stay in Nha Trang you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. No matter your budget or the type of traveler you are there is something to fit all your needs. Whether you want an affordable hostel, welcoming guesthouse or luxury hotel.

Jungle Dorm Nha Trang

Jungle Dorm Nha Trang

A fun and tropical hostel in a great location. Dorm rooms start at $6.00 per night.

Bondi Backpackers Nhatrang

Bondi Backpackers Nhatrang

A party hostel perfect for solo travelers. Private rooms start at $4.00 per night.

v hotel nha trang

V Hotel Nha Trang

Enjoy this modern hotel and a rooftop pool. Rooms start from $35.00 per night.

vinpearl resort spa

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Nha Trang

Why not stay in the incredible Vinpearl Resort. This place has everything you could want. Prices start at $115.00 per night.


Things To Do In Nha Trang

There is an assortment of things you can do in Nha Trang to keep you entertained. As long as you love to have a bit of fun in the sun you will be in paradise. Though I wouldn’t recommend visiting during the wet season as a lot of the things to do are water-themed.

Enjoy the beach: One of the best things to do in Nha Trang is simply just relaxing at the beach. I recommend making a full day out of it and hiring yourself a couple of beach chairs. There are also a couple of bars set up as well so you can enjoy a cheeky cocktail while working on your tan.

Vinepearl: This complex includes a 5-star resort, a world-class amusement park, a shopping street, food courts, and luxury restaurants located on Hon Tre island of Nha Trang Bay. Vinpearl Land Nha Trang welcomes around 12,000 visitors per day and you can even take a cable car across the bay to get there.

Snorkeling tour: Lucky for ocean lovers like me, Nha Trang has over 12,00 hectares of an official marine reserve. This coral-filled area is known as Hon Mun Marine Protected Area and is where you will visit if you are going snorkeling in Nha Trang.

Thap Ba Hot Springs & Mud Bath: North of Nha Trang is the Thap Ba Hot Springs and Mud Baths which is the perfect spot if you are looking to relax for the afternoon. The mud is said to have healing properties thanks to its high mineral content and people usually slather their skin with the mud and then lie down in the bath and let it work its magic.

harbor views in nha trang with the cable car to vinpearl overhead
harbor views in nha trang with the cable car to vinepearl overhead


Find out how to travel from Hoi An to Nha Trang while in Vietnam. This is a popular route for travelers to make when exploring this country. Whether you want to get from Hoi An to Nha Trang by plane, bus or train I will let you know how to book, prices, and more!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. So, if you click on it and purchase something, I get a small percentage at no extra cost to you. As always all opinions are my own and your support is much appreciated.

Photo credit: “Train to Saigon” (CC BY 2.0) by Anders Alexander. “Sunrise in bus window” (CC BY 2.0) by Oskari Kettunen . “R0001122_Dx0” (CC BY 2.0) by Blue Quartz

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