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Swim With Turtles in Rarotonga: Ariki Adventures

swimming with turtles in rarotonga with ariki adventures

Find out all you need to know about swimming with turtles in Rarotonga on the Ariki Adventures turtle safari tour. I will be giving you all the information you need to know such as how to book, costs and what to expect. What better way to experience the best of Rarotonga than hanging out with […]

Scooter Hire & The Tourist Scooter License In Rarotonga

scooter hire in rarotonga and getting a tourist scooter license in rarotonga

Find out everything you need to know about scooter hire in Rarotonga. I will be giving you all the information you need to know such as getting your tourist scooter license in Rarotonga, road rules, and where to hire your scooter from. If you are wondering how exactly you are going to travel around Rarotonga […]

Punanga Nui Market: The Perfect Saturday Morning In Rarotonga

flower crowns hanging up at the punanga nui market in rarotonga

Find out everything you need to know about visiting the Punanga Nui Market in Rarotonga. I will be giving you all the information you need to know such as what to expect, when it is, and opening hours! What is a better way to discover the beauty of Rarotonga than through the people, food, and […]

Backpacking Rarotonga On A Budget

backpacking rarotonga on a budget beach

Learn all you need to know about backpacking Rarotonga on a budget while in The Cook Islands. I will be giving you all the information you need to know such as costs, getting around, accommodation, what to do and so much more! Rarotonga is often a country associated with honeymoons, romance, and family getaways. Though, […]

Cost To Travel Thailand And My Thailand Travel Budget: $23.00 Per Day

view out to sea on my thailand travel budget

Find out exactly how much it will cost to travel Thailand budget backpacker style and the cost to travel Thailand. Let’s talk about the price of accommodation, transportation, food, and more before I let you know my EXACT Thailand trip cost and the recommend Thailand travel budget! Keeping a budget for each of my travels […]

Day Trip To Ayutthaya: Thailand’s Former Capital

day trip to ayutthaya from bangkok

Thinking about a day trip to Ayutthaya? From how to get there from Bangkok, Ayutthaya entrance fees, to do a tour or self-tour, best temples to visit, and my top tips for enjoying the UNESCO site, this ultimate guide has you covered! If you are looking for a relaxing break from the constant chaos of […]

Overnight Sleeper Train From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

curtains pulled shut on the overnight sleeper train from bangkok to chiang mai

Find out everything you need to know about taking the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Be prepared for the overnight journey by finding out what to bring, how long it takes, ticket costs, what to expect, and more on this sleeper train! After checking out the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, it’s time […]

Best Hostels In Chiang Mai For The Ultimate Stay

best hostels in chiang mai

Looking for the best hostels in Chiang Mai? Well, I have compared the price, facilities, amenities, and location- so come find out the top backpackers for all types of travelers in this ultimate guide and have the perfect stay! If I could live long term in any city, it would be Chiang Mai in Thailand. […]

How To Get To Railay Beach From Ao Nang: Travel From Ao Nang To Railay Beach

railay beach from ao nang the view over the beach

Find out everything you need to know about traveling from Ao Nang to Railay Beach. This island paradise is a must when you are in Southern Thailand. Let’s find out how to get to Railay Beach From Ao Nang! Ao Nang is a fantastic holiday destination on the coast of Southern Thailand. It’s great for […]

The Best Elephant Sanctuaries In Chiang Mai

elephant sanctuaries in chiang mai

Check out what the best elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai are during your visit to Thailand. Find out what makes an ethical elephant experience, the history of elephants in Thailand, the top elephant sanctuaries to visit, and more! There is a crazy amount of Elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. Walk down any street and you […]

Cheap Eats in Chiang Mai For Budget Travelers

street food samosas cheap eats in chiang mai

Traveling Chiang Mai on a budget? Find out the top cheap eats in Chiang Mai which will keep you and your wallet full. From local bites, western favorites, and everything in between, you will find it all here in this guide.  I am always on the lookout for cheap eats in Chiang Mai when I […]