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Cambodia Itinerary: The Ultimate 2 Weeks In Cambodia (2024)

relaxing on koh rong samloem while on the 2 weeks in cambodia itinerary

Come check out the perfect 2 weeks in Cambodia Itinerary for first-time visitors, hitting up all the top destinations. Let’s talk about the best route, things to do, transportation, accommodation, and more during your time in Cambodia! Welcome to one of my favorite countries, Cambodia. I know it is quite less visited than neighboring Vietnam […]

Best Hostels In Belize: Top Stays For Backpackers

pod style bunk beds in the dorm room at sandbar beachfront hostel, one of the best hostels in belize

Now backpacking Belize isn’t a super popular way to explore the country. However, you will find at least one hostel for each destination that is actually decent. Therefore I decided to put together this guide of the best hostels in Belize all in one place, so you can check out the top stays for budget […]

Chiang Khong To Huay Xai: Thailand Laos Border Crossing (2024)

arriving at thai immigration and traveling from chiang khong to huay xai

Come find out absolutely everything you need to know about the getting from Thailand to Laos on the Huay Xai border Crossing and getting from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai, the two main border towns. Learn about what to do, each step in the Chiang Khong border crossing process, where to stay, how to get […]

How To Travel From Bangkok To Chiang Mai: All Options Explained

catching the train from bangkok to chiang mai

Traveling between Bangkok to Chiang Mai is a common route for most backpackers in Thailand. The north of Thailand is completely different from the rest of the country and is a must-do when exploring this beautiful place. Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the main departure point for traveling to Chiang Mai, catering to […]

Chiang Mai To Luang Prabang: All You Need To Know 2024

slow boat on mekong river from chiang mai to luang prabang

Find out exactly how to travel between Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang. Comparing taking a plane, minivan, bus, or boat I will go through everything you need to know, including crossing the border between Chiang Khong to Huay Xai. Traveling from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang is a common route for backpackers in Southeast Asia. […]

Chiang Mai Airport to Old City: Bus, TukTuk, Taxi, Or Walk?

tuk tuks lined up when traveling chiang mai airport to old city

Find out everything you need to know about traveling from Chiang Mai Airport into the City Centre (Old City). From the tuk-tuks, buses, taxis, private transfers, and more these are my top tips so you don’t miss your flight, this ultimate guide on traveling from Chiang Mai Airport To Old City absolutely has you covered! […]

Sunday Night Market In Chiang Mai: Best Market In Thailand (2024)

Crowded evening scene capturing the lively atmosphere of the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market with visitors and local shops.

Find out everything you need to know about the Chiang Mai Sunday Night Markets. From the location, prices, opening hours, what to buy, and more, this ultimate guide to this massive walking street has you covered! Before I visited the Chiang Mai Sunday Markets I thought it would be like the rest of the markets […]

Vietnam Sleeper Train: Top Tips For Surviving [2024]

Elevated view of a first-class sleeper train in Vietnam traversing a graffiti-laden bridge, integrating travel with urban art.

Find out all about taking a Vietnam sleeper train. Let’s talk about whether it is worth it, how to book, tips to survive, different berth types, my journeys, and what to expect on your sleeper train Vietnam! If you are planning to travel around Vietnam then you have no doubt thought about taking a Vietnam […]

Best Hostels In Kampot Worth Booking

the waterpark at arcadia one of the best hostels in kampot

Come find out the best hostels in Kampot so you can have the perfect stay on a budget. Whether you are a solo traveler looking to make friends, wanting something cheap but decent, or simply looking for the best of both worlds. I have compared the price, facilities, amenities, and location- so come find out […]

1 Week In Belize Itinerary: The Perfect 7 Days In Belize

hanging out on one of the piers in san pedro while on the 1 week in belize itinerary

Come find out the perfect 1 week Belize itinerary for travelers. I will let you know the best spots to visit in Belize, where to stay, and what to do for the ultimate time! Welcome to the ultimate guide for your first trip to Belize, a gem nestled in Central America known for its pristine […]

Panajachel To San Pedro & The Towns Between: How To Travel Around Lake Atitlan

the boat docks from panajachel to san pedro, how to travel around lake atitlan

Come find out how to travel from Panajachel To San Pedro La Laguna and all the towns in between. Lake Atitlan is a big place and there are so many beautiful places to explore here. In this transport guide, I will let you know how to travel around Lake Atitlan, how to take a Lancha, […]