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How To Travel From Lanquin To Semuc Champey: All Options Explained

how to travel from lanquin to semuc champey by tour, pick up truck, taxi or walking

Come find out how to travel from Lanquin to Semuc Champey in Guatemala. These two spots are only a short distance apart, though the dirt roads are mountainous and full of potholes. So let’s find out how exactly I and heaps of other travelers make this journey by tour, pickup truck, walking, or taxi including […]

3 Weeks In Guatemala Itinerary: Epic Route From North To South

watching fuego volcano erupt, a must on the 3 weeks in guatemala itinerary

Planning a trip to the incredible country of Guatemala, but not sure where to go? Then come check out my 3 weeks in Guatemala itinerary where we will explore the whole country from North to South. Let’s talk about the best route, things to do, transportation, accommodation, and more during your time in Guatemala! If […]

My Real Cost To Travel Guatemala: $50.00 Per Day Budget

cost to travel guatemala on a budget backpacker style

Wanting to travel Guatemala, but don’t know how much to save? Then come check out my cost to travel Guatemala on a budget of $50.00 per day. Let’s talk about the price of accommodation, transportation, food, and more before I let you know my EXACT Guatemala trip cost! One thing I always do on my […]

Semuc Champey to Antigua: Surviving The 12 Hour Journey

traveling from semuc champey to antigua by tourist shuttle, taxi and chicken bus

Find out exactly how to travel from Semuc Champey To Antigua in Guatemala. No doubt these two places are well worth visiting while you are in the country, though they are unfortunately quite a distance from each other.  So let’s find out how exactly I and heaps of other travelers make this journey by shuttle, […]

Backpacking Guatemala: Best Tips For First Time Visitors 2023

awesome landscapes while backpacking guatemala on a budget

Come find out what you need to know about backpacking Guatemala on a budget! I fell in love with this Central American Gem and can’t wait for you to do the same. I will share with you my best travel tips, money, important information, top places to see, and more in this guide on one […]

Is Semuc Champey Worth It? Backpacking Tips (2023)

the beautiful terraced pools of at the mirador while backpacking semuc champey, no doubt the answer is yes if you are wondering is semyc champey worth it

Wondering is Semuc Champey worth it? Well, I am here to answer all that and more. No matter where you are coming from Semuc Champey will be a full day of travel, though for some people this is a highlight. In this travel guide, I will let you everything there is to know about this […]

Best Hostels In Semuc Champey: For Solo Travelers, Females, Couples & More

hanging poolside at greengos one of the best hostels in semuc champey

Find out the absolute best hostels in Semuc Champey for the ultimate stay. No doubt this is backpackers’ paradise, but you have a crazy amount of hostels to choose from. How do you know which one is going to be best for you? Well no worries, I have compared the price, facilities, amenities, and location- […]

Visiting Semuc Champey Mirador & Pools: All You Need To Know 2023

enjoying the pools after hiking the semuc champey mirador

If you are keen to visit the popular Semuc Champey Mirador and Pools during your visit then read on. This is an absolutely gorgeous spot and the reason so many travelers visit here.  I will let you know how to get to Semuc Champey, all you need to know about climbing the mirador, swimming in […]

Flores To Semuc Champey: How To Make The 10 Hour Journey

crossing over the river on a ferry from flores to semuc champey

Come check out exactly how to travel from Flores to Semuc Champey in Guatemala. These are two tourist hot spots, though they happen to be a crazy long distance away from each other. So let’s find out how exactly I and heaps of other travelers make this journey by shuttle, chicken bus, or taxi including […]