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My Vietnam Trip Cost: How Cheap Is Vietnam and My $25 Daily Budget (2024)

backpacking ha long bay vietnam trip costs

Find out exactly how much it will cost to travel Vietnam budget backpacker style and how cheap is Vietnam. Let’s talk about the price of accommodation, transportation, food, and more before I let you know my EXACT Vietnam trip cost! Traveling can be expensive, even in Asia, so it’s good to keep track of costs […]

Taking A Vietnam Sleeper Bus: What You Need To Know To Survive (2024)

taking a sleeper bus in vietnam. driving through the countryside in a vietnam sleeper bus

Find out all about taking a Vietnam sleeper bus. Let’s talk about whether it is worth it, how to book, tips to survive, and what to expect on your sleeper bus in Vietnam! If you are planning to travel around Vietnam, I presume you have thought about traveling by bus. However, what I found unusual […]

3 Week Vietnam Itinerary: BEST North To South Route

A traveler sitting atop rugged karst peaks overlooking the serpentine river in a lush valley, capturing the essence of a 3 week Vietnam adventure.

Come find out the ideal Vietnam 3 week itinerary for the ultimate adventure. Let’s talk about the best route, things to do, transportation, accommodation, and more during your 3 weeks in Vietnam! Now Vietnam is for sure one of the best countries you can choose to backpack. It has such varied landscapes, delicious food, and […]

Vietnam Sleeper Train: Top Tips For Surviving [2024]

Elevated view of a first-class sleeper train in Vietnam traversing a graffiti-laden bridge, integrating travel with urban art.

Find out all about taking a Vietnam sleeper train. Let’s talk about whether it is worth it, how to book, tips to survive, different berth types, my journeys, and what to expect on your sleeper train Vietnam! If you are planning to travel around Vietnam then you have no doubt thought about taking a Vietnam […]

Backpacking Vietnam: Travel Guide & Tips For First Time Visitors 2024

view over ninh binh while backpacking vietnam

Get ready for your backpacking Vietnam adventure by finding out all you need to know about traveling around this awesome country. Learn about the best travel tips, money, important information, top places to see, and more in this guide on the ultimate budget destination, Vietnam! Vietnam is one of the most backpacker-friendly destinations in the […]

Scams In Vietnam: READ BEFORE YOU VISIT (2024)

exploring the countryside scams in vietnam

Come find out everything you need to know about common tourist scams in Vietnam. Be a smart traveler by knowing the dos and don’t in your traveling adventures. Learn about what to look out for, situations to avoid, and more as I explain how to can have a scam-free trip to Vietnam. It is super […]

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam Recommended By REAL Travelers

tasha amy looking over fisherman in lan ha bay best things to do in vietnam

Find out the best things to do in Vietnam for backpackers and travelers! Listed from north to south we will be featuring the top attractions and activities which need to be added to your Vietnam bucketlist. All these recommendations are from real travelers who have first-hand experience doing them. Vietnam is a country full of […]