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Siem Reap To Bangkok: How To Easily Cross The Border From Cambodia To Thailand

crossing the border from cambodia to thailand on our journey from siem reap to bangkok

Come find out the best, easiest, and most cost-effective way to travel from Siem Reap to Bangkok. From what companies to book with, crossing the border from Cambodia to Thailand, costs, and more will be explained below for those backpacking Southeast Asia. If you are like me and following the famous banana pancake backpacking trail […]

Cambodia Itinerary: The Ultimate 2 Weeks In Cambodia

relaxing on koh rong samloem while on the 2 weeks in cambodia itinerary

Come check out the perfect 2 weeks in Cambodia Itinerary for first-time visitors, hitting up all the top destinations. Let’s talk about the best route, things to do, transportation, accommodation, and more during your time in Cambodia! Welcome to one of my favorite countries, Cambodia. I know it is quite less visited than neighboring Vietnam […]

Backpacking Cambodia For First Time Visitors

enjoying island life while backpacking cambodia

Find out absolutely everything you need to know about backpacking Cambodia! I will share with you my best travel tips, money, important information, top places to see, and more in this guide on one of my personal favorite budget destinations, Cambodia! It may not be as popular as neighboring Thailand or Vietnam as a backpacker-friendly […]

Angkor Wat Grand Circuit: All YOU Need To Know

exploring the angkor wat grand circuit in siem reap

If you are wanting to check out some of Siem Reaps lesser visited, but still equally amazing temples then I recommend checking out the Angkor Wat Grand Circuit. In this guide I will let you know how to get around, ticket prices, and what temples you will visit during your adventures.  Of course, if you are […]

Backpacking Siem Reap On A Budget: Top Tips For Travelers

angkor archeological park while exploring siem reap

Find out all you need to know about backpacking Siem Reap on a budget in Cambodia. I will let you know everything there is so you have an amazing time exploring this city such as prices, transport, where to stay, the best things to do and so much more! Honestly, Siem Reap has got to […]

Cost To Travel Cambodia: My $29.00 Per Day Travel Budget

cost to travel cambodia and my cambodia travel budget

Planning on traveling around Cambodia? Then come check the cost to travel Cambodia on a budget backpacker style. Let’s talk about the price of accommodation, transportation, food, and more before I let you know my EXACT Cambodia trip cost! One thing I always do on my travels is keeping a budget as it allows me […]

Angkor Wat Small Circuit: A Must Do In Siem Reap

sunrise while on the angkor wat small circuit

Planning on visiting Siem Reap? Then I highly recommend you do the Angkor Wat Small Circuit that’ll take you to all the famous temples in Angkor Archeological Park. I will let you know how to get around, ticket prices, and what temples you will visit during your adventures.  No doubt visiting Angkor Archeological Park is […]

The Best Hostels In Siem Reap: Get The Most For Your Money

pool party at the best hostels in siem reap

If you are looking for the best hostels in Siem Reap you have come to the right place! I have compared the price, facilities, amenities, and location- so come find out the top backpackers for all types of travelers in this ultimate guide and have the perfect stay! I love Siem Reap, it is one of […]

4 Days In Siem Reap: The Best Siem Reap Itinerary

checking out the temples in angkor archeological park on the 4 days in siem reap itinerary

Planning on spending 4 days in Siem Reap, but not sure what exactly to do? Come check out my 4 days in Siem Reap itinerary for everything you need to know about staying in my favorite city in Cambodia. So, let’s chat about the top things to do, where to stay, accommodation, and more! Welcome […]