Serenity Inle Resort: The Best Stay In Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a must visit destination on any traveler in Myanmar’s bucket list. The gorgeous lakeside setting is the perfect mix between peaceful nature and local life on the water. For I knew I wanted to stay somewhere where I can truly experience the best of this gorgeous landscape and that’s when I found Serenity Inle Resort.

Perched on the edge of an inlet which connects to the lake they offer a wide range of affordable accommodation, from the standard rooms. We spent 3 nights here testing out all the best they had to offer, all to share it with you in this Serenity Inle Resort review.

sunset views over lake in inle lake
main building serenity inle resort

Location Of Serenity Inle Resort

From Heho Airport

The closest airport to Serenity Inle Resort is Heho Airport. We flew direct from Bagan, though you can also get flights from Yangon and Mandalaydepending on where you are coming from around Myanmar. Lucky for us they organized a taxi transfer which made arriving extremely easy. There was a gentleman at the airport with our names on a sign and an extrenely comfortable airconditioned car waiting in the carpark.

The drive takes 1 hour to complete where you pass through the hilly mountainside and see various local villages.

From Nuangshwe

Nuangshwe is the main town around the Inle Lake area and where you will find many restaurants and accommodation options. It is a relatively busy town where you will find plenty of travelers.

Nyuangshwe is 20 kilometers away from Serenity Inle Resort so certainly not within walking distance. Though, throughout the duration of our stay, we saw countless people arriving via boat from Nyuangshwe. No doubt this is the perfect way to arrive to spend your few relaxing days here enjoying lakeside life.

calmness on inle lake

Getting Around

Don’t plan too much on exploring the surrounding area as taxis to and from the nearby Nuangshwe will add up. Serenity Inle Resort is essentially in the middle of nowhere and that is the beauty of this property. You are away from the honking cars and instead can listen to the simple sounds of nature.

If you do feel like exploring nearby local villages you can easily do this with their free bike hire. Just be prepared with lots of water as the temperature will no doubt be hot!

Like many places in Inle, the resort connects to the lake via a series of small channels. This makes it extremely easy to explore around the lake itself and witness some of the impressive highlights.

couple surrounded by rose petals on bed

The Perfect Inle Lake Stay: Serenity Inle Resort

Grand Deluxe Over the Lake Bungalow

The Grand Deluxe Over The Lake Bungalow is the ultimate place to stay in Inle Lake. Each bungalow is the size of a small house, they are certainly not somewhere which will be like those endless cramped hotel rooms.

Following the walkway over the water, you will be taken to one of the many incredible bungalows here. They are no doubt a favorite among travelers here in Inle Lake. Each one features a private walkway entrance as well as a small seating area, an often forgotten aspect which makes a difference when putting shoes on.

On the inside of each bungalow, you will no doubt be astounded by the gorgeous wooden interior. Each part of the room is made from this gorgeous wood which really gives the large space a beautiful homely feel. There is a lounge area, seating area, desk and plenty of storage. Though I must say a personal favorite of mine is the gorgeous bed with the mosquito net above, it seemed like something out of a fairytale.

Offering affordable comfort and insta-worthy views at a cost which budget travelers can actually afford. No doubt if you are looking for a standout stay in a relaxing environment I cannot recommend Serenity Inle Resort more!

over water bungalow at serenity inle resort
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bathroom in bungalow serenity inle resort
bedroom in bungalow serenity inle resort

Facilities At Serenity Inle Resort


There is no better way to cool off from that hot Burmese sun than poolside. Even better is the gorgeous infinity pool here at Serenity Inle Resort. No doubt this is the perfect place to watch the sunset other than your Overwater Bungalow.

pool serenity inle resort


A fully equipped gym is available on site. This is ideal if you are the type of traveler who likes to keep in shape while traveling, especially after having some of the delicious meals at their onsite restaurant.

gym machines in back building of the resort


The large dining hall here at Serenity Inle Resort was an experience in itself. No doubt this gorgeous venue would be perfect for a variety of events, though for us it was one of the beautiful settings for our daily meals.

Breakfast is served buffet style with fresh juices and an egg station. There was an excellent variety of cuisines featuring a mixture of Asian favorites and western options, providing something for each type of traveler.

Lunch and dinner are served from a menu. There are many options from local Burmese choices, lakeside seafood and of course western favorites. I enjoyed each meal and found it to be very reasonably priced.

A standout meal experience for us was certainly a romantic candlelight dinner which was organized. With delicious wine, tasty treats and an incredible sunset view this was certainly a highlight of our stay.

candlelight dinner on deck by inle lake
sunset set up serenity inle resort
lunch at serenity inle resort review


Onsite at Serenity Inle Resort is also a spa in which guests can book various treatments. We went for a couples massage on one day that we had nothing planned. This was certainly the perfect way to relax and it was peaceful listening to the lakeside animals in the distance during the experience.


During our stay at Serenity Inle Resort we had to go out to explore the famous sights. We organized a full day tour for a very affordable price. Jumping onto the resort boat we were greeted by our friendly driver who would be taking us around for the day. We saw many other tourists squashed onto boats were strangers so it certainly was a fun and comfortable experience having one all to ourselves.

Throughout the day we visited many different stops including the morning market, floating gardens, see stilt houses, silversmith and of course various pagodas.

It was an excellent day which tourists travel to Inle Lake to experience.

boat tour around inle lake

A Stay With A Difference At Serenity Inle Resort

I often expect minimal service when in 3-star accommodation. Though I really felt like Serenity Inle Resort was a 5-star stay at a 3-star price tag. Arriving in our room rose petals were laid out on the bed and a warm rose bath had been run. This was perfect after an early flight. The staff would also make up everyone’s room twice a day, at night and in the morning. In a lakeside area once nightfalls bugs are notorious, though the staff would spray the room, pull the curtains and prepare the bed. These small touches are something which is often forgotten, but truly leave a great impression of your stay.

Honestly, we had such a great time staying at Serenity Inle Resort in Inle Lake. It was the perfect romantic getaway for us and I cannot recommend it more for couples looking for a bit of peace and quiet out of the busy cities, or even for solo travelers wanting to get in touch with nature.

water area at serenity inle with boat

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The ultimate Serenity Inle Lake review. The perfect hotel stay for your time in Inle Lake.

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