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Relaxing Day At Intercultura – Heredia, Costa Rica


Thank the lord for afternoon classes ! After waking up surprisingly not hung over I skipped breakfast in exchange for some cooking lessons at Intercultura in Heredia. Thanks to my lack of general skills when it comes to food I stood back and ‘helped’ by occasionally touching the dough. They turned out yum though, made even better by some sweet fruit juice. I have had juice with nearly every meal here, Costa Ricans love their juice.street-views-heredia-costa-rica

In Spanish class I learned more words that I will never be able to pronounce correctly. Truth be told I am trying, it just doesn’t seem to be translating when I speak Spanish. At lunch break something amazing happened! I saw my first squirrel,  I didn’t actually know Costa Rica even had them! I saw a small animal squirming its way through the fences and surely it was a lovely little auburn squirrel!

After somehow lasting on only one empanada the entire day, a couple of us decide for dinner we would go and grab some Carls Jr. Already being sick of the typical beans and rice, plus what else is better than fast food after a night out. I grab a burger without meat and some chips, of course smothered in tomato sauce. The faithful Heredia Walmart was next on our agenda stocking up on necessities for Saturday- Beer and Vodka of course. Arriving home with a food baby from the unhealthy meal I head to sleep early, allowing for a decent rest before the big day planned tomorrow.

The local market in Heredia


-Costa Rica is amazing and I love it even though I’m at school every day.

-I brought a litre of vodka for $7 for Walmart.

-Everyone and everything here is done in tico time, no one is in a rush.


I am travelling through Costa Rica with a volunteer program called International Student Volunteers or ISV. For the next  week I will be calling Heredia home while participating in the Spanish Immersion Week with Intercultura.