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Ram Luna Restaurant & My First Discotek


With Spanish lessons for the week starting in the afternoon the day is off to a good start, allowing for a much needed sleep in still recovering from the jet lag. A twenty minute walk really gets the blood pumping ensuring we are wide awake and ready to learn- great fun. Heredia is extremely different to back home, the most obvious distinction being all the pervy men that toot and whistle as well are walking past, also the fact that the majority of women have these amazing booty’s– yes I’m jealous.


Cobblestone street in Heredia

I am ever so slowly picking up on piquito bits of Spanish- ignore the spelling. My Spanish teacher Monica is your stereotypical Latina women, beautiful, loud and extremely over the top with her actions.

That evening a trip had been organised.  It was to Ram Luna Restaurant. This is a highly talked about restaurant with a magnificent view over the Central Valley. To me what was even more amazing was the fact it was a buffet and open bar. My mouth was watering having lived on a diet of rice and beans the past few days.

The bus drive up to Ram Luna seemed sketchy. Being packed into a bus swerving up and down a dimly lit road, but surely enough we safely made it and squished out and into the restaurant. The inside was decked out in the Costa Rican style, we were met with warm smiles from the staff and shown to our table which stretched along one side of the building. We took the table closest to the bar for obvious reasons, making the most of our time and our money.


Group photo having dinner at Ram Luna Restaurant

The guide Jerry talked about these infamous bamboo drinks, known for getting everyone absolutely drunk. As well as, testing out newly found horrible Spanish skills on unsuspecting victims. Of course, never to turn down a challenge, we had to give it a whirl and ordering ten drinks at a time for our table. We  were soon were having the full on bamboo drink experience. Dinner was amazing, and so was dessert. I had to do what anyone at a buffet does and go for seconds, thirds and fourths. Following dinner was an amazing where people performed traditional dances dressed in these beautiful long white ruffled dresses; we were all mesmerized. Which got me thinking maybe if I could move like that maybe I wouldn’t be singlea girl can dream.


Dancers at Ram Luna Restaurant

Next was section two of the night. Jumping back into the bus we make our way down the hill into central San Jose. All drunk and ready to party at a local discotek, Costa Ricas version of a club.  A photocopy of our passport satisfied as proof of age. Soon enough we were ordering tequila shots, attempting to salsa and showing off our poor singing voices at karaoke. The day began to catch up with us as the clock struck one. We headed back onto the bus for the last stretch of our journey to take us back to Heredia. How we got home to our homestay that a  that my memory lacks the answer for. Though, we later found out that Daniel spewed on the floor. To make things worse host mother cleaned it up!


Shots at a discotek in San Jose


-I love tequila

-The reason I haven’t talked much about school is because I’m pretty horrible

– After being electrocuted by the nozzle I am deeply afraid of the shower. Who has electricity running next to water anyway???

I am travelling through Costa Rica with a volunteer program called International Student Volunteers or ISV. For the next  week I will be calling Heredia home while participating in the Spanish Immersion Week with Intercultura.