Where To Eat In Pokhara: The Best Cafes And Restaurants

Find out the best restaurants and cafes in Pokhara. From breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this ultimate guide has everything you need to know as to where to eat in Pokhara!

There are a variety of places to eat in Pokhara which will have your mouth watering. Whether that is the specialty coffee joints, delicious pizzerias, lake view restaurants, local bites, or fancy hotel eateries. That’s why I have created the ultimate list of where to eat in Pokhara!

With all these endless options it can get a little overwhelming, especially if you are like me and want to try them all. So let’s start breaking them down, one by one, so you can end up the best foodie bucket list of the best food in Pokhara.

I was lucky enough to spend nearly a full two weeks just exploring Pokhara alone. I am ashamed to say I did not venture around too much or do many of the incredible things to do in Pokhara, such as bungee jumping! Though, what I am proud of, which I probably shouldn’t be, is all the delicious food I ate and all the foodie joints I explored.

Now I never really imagined Pokhara to be that much of a food lovers paradise, but boy was I proven wrong. This city is full of magical hidden spots and I am on a mission to discover them all. You can find such a wind variety of cuisine here, catering to many different nationalities and all their desires. From Nepali and Indian cuisines to Italian and European, this city is full of delights.

The Best Restaurants Pokhara: Where To Eat In Pokhara

the white rabbit milkshakes where to eat in pokhara

Where To Stay In Pokhara?

Zostel Pokhara

You can’t go wrong staying in a Zostel and in this idyllic location it is well worth $7.00 per night.


Pokhara Backpacker Hostel

Lakeside living gets no cheaper than here, from $5.00 per night including breakfast.


Hotel Iceland

Four-star luxury for less and relax poolside from just $36.00 per night including breakfast.


Temple Tree Resort & Spa

This beautiful resort is the most popular in Pokhara, from $110.00 per night with breakfast.


Where To Eat Breakfast In Pokhara

White Rabbit Coffee

With a quirky name like White Rabbit Coffee, this specialty coffee hot spot serves up unique drinks with a creative flair. As the photos tell we were a massive fan of their freak shakes during our stay. It is a hipster style cafe where you will see a lot of digital nomads hanging out during the day working from their laptops.

I will say that I would definitely visit the White Rabbit Coffee solely for their drinks and sweet drinks. In my opinion, I don’t think their meals were not the best value for money, though feel free to try them out and prove me wrong!

Once the monsoon heat starts to get to you in Pokhara there is no better place to relax with a cold drink than at White Rabbit Coffee.

Opening Hours: Open seven days a week, from 7am until 10pm

Location: Lakeside Rd, Pokhara 33411, Nepal

white rabbit coffee and freak shakes cafe pokhara

The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree is our number one breakfast spot where to eat in Pokhara. Many of the restaurants along the lakeside street have meal deals for breakfast. Though, we did not find any better value or money than at The Lemon Tree.

On offer is a variety of different cuisines, from local Nepali specialties to Indian, Western and Asian delights. Unfortunately, I did not happen to visit for lunch or dinner, though I did find myself there for more than half of our breakfast meals during our stay in Pokhara. We quickly became regulars here and I must say the lovely staff was such a delight!

Opening Hours: Seven days a week, 7am until 1pm.

Location: 6 Baidam, Lakeside, Pokhara 33411, Nepal

the lemon tree restaurant pokhara

Where To Eat Lunch In Pokhara

The Kebab King

On first sight The Kebab King restaurant does not look like anything special but trust me, their delicious Indian food is to die for! Located in what literally looks like somebody’s kitchen, the only real giveaway is that this is a restaurant is a sign out front. The shabby tables are draped in table clothes and do not expect fast service. The food here is made on the spot and it always took us close to 30 minutes to receive our meals.

The panner makhani is an absolute favorite of mine and I am still to find a better restaurant that makes it than Kebab King. The massive portions of naan bread are made right in front of you with their tandoori oven right out front. This is no doubt one of the cheapest places to eat in Pokhara, the entire meal for two people, pictured below, costs us $5.00 including drinks!

If you are somebody who likes good simple food and does not need a luxury culinary experience, Kebab King is a must-visit when choosing where to eat in Pokhara.

Opening Hours: 7am-10pm open seven days a week

Location: Guari Ghat Peaceful Marg, Pokhara 33411, Nepal

the kebab king cheap dinner in pokhara butter paneer

Caffe Concerto

Caffe Concerto is a delicious place to eat in Pokhara and makes for the perfect romantic evening. Opened in 1987 this Italian-Nepali venture is a match made in culinary heaven. Their kitchen uses their own organic produce ensuring they are cooking with only the best and freshest ingredients.

With gorgeous table settings, friendly staff members and some of the best cakes it is the perfect addition to your day. The homely pasta dishes are a must not miss and it is obvious they are embracing their Italian heritage.

On-site they even have a bakery called Dolce Bakery. Specializing in cakes pastries and traditional Italian ice cream called Gelato, this is a sweet tooth lovers dream. There is no better way to spend your afternoon than relaxing here with a cappuccino and one of their delicious sweet treats.

Opening Hours: Seven days a week. from 7.00am until 11pm.

Location: Lakeside Rd, Gaurighat, Pardi, Pokhara 33411, Nepal

queen forest where to eat in pokhara

Asian Tea House

If you are looking for a hidden gem of where to eat in Pokhara the Asian Tea House is a must-visit. Tucked away off the main road, you wouldn’t even know this existed if it weren’t for the signboard pointing people down an alleyway.

This is a must-visit in Pokhara where you can enjoy a hot chai alongside some of the locals. Serving up delicious local meals at extremely affordable prices, there is no doubt you will find yourself here numerous times throughout your visit. Spend the afternoon

Opening Hours: Open seven days a week, from 6.30am until 8.30pm

Location: Baidam Rd, off Lakeside Road, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

dal baht at asian tea house pokhara restaurants

Where To Eat Dinner In Pokhara

Godfathers Pizzeria

Godfather’s Pizzeria is one of my favorite pizza spots in Pokhara and I definitely visited here more than once during my stay. They have a variety of options for toppings on their extremely delicious wood-fired bases, as well as delightful pasta dishes.

You can either dine or get your takeaway and in such a large building it is the perfect place to visit in a large group. They also have a gorgeous view out to the lakeside so it is the ideal location for a relaxing eat.

Opening Hours: 8am-11pm 7 days a week

Location: Lakeside 6, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

godfathers pizzeria pokhara

Mo2’s Delights

I cannot write a list of where to eat in Pokhara and not include one of the best momo restaurants, Mo2’s Delights. These delicious bites are like a Nepali dumpling and once you eat one you will instantly become addicted.

Specializing in homemade Darjeeling Momos and Alu Dum a visit here makes the perfect lunch or dinner which will leave your taste buds dancing. They also hold weekly free events, so you can go in, meet new people and test out one of the iconic Nepali dishes!

Opening Hours: Open seven days a week, from 6.30am until 8.30pm

Location: Baidam Rd, off Lakeside Road, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

steamed momos from mo2 delight in pokhara

Want To Splurge? Where To Eat In Pokhara

Rosemary Kitchen

Rosemary Kitchen is a bit of an institution in Nepal, with locations in both Kathmandu and Pokhara. Though, on your first visit, you will quickly learn exactly why this is. Rated as one of the best restaurants in Pokhara if you are planning to splash out a little bit of a delicious meal, make sure it is at Rosemary Kitchen.

The menu focuses on blending the tastes from Europe and Asia, and I can vouch that it is absolutely delightful. Also no doubt I received the best service here than I did anywhere else in my entire journey in Nepal. The waitstaff is amazing and happy to cater for everyone’s needs (we even visited in a group of 10+ people with everybody we meet on the Annapurna Circuit).

If you are wondering where to eat in Pokhara for a delicious meal, amazing at atmosphere and helpful staff, Rosemary Kitchen will cater for all your needs. It is pricier compared to other places around, though it is still Nepal prices, making it a super affordable meal out!

Opening Hours: Open seven days each week, from 7am until 10pm

Location: Lalupate Marg, Lakeside, Pokhara 33700, Nepal

rosemary kitchen tortellini pokhara


Where to eat in Pokhara, Nepal.Whether you like specialty coffee joints, delicious pizzerias, lake view restaurants, local bites, or fancy hotel eateries. That's why I have created the ultimate list of where to eat in Pokhara!
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    Sarah Chant says:

    Yum! It all looks so good but especially that Indian food :D I loved Pokhara – if only I had this guide when we visited!

  2. Avatar for Chandi
    Chandi says:

    Wow, I was last there in the 1980s and the eateries and lodging sure have changed! There was almost nothing like any of the places you mention and I noticed you used the word “city”. In the 80s I don’t think it even warranted the word city. I’m not sure I’d recognize it now!

  3. Avatar for Teja
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    Oh God I miss momos so much! The Olive Cafe has a great spicy lake fish cooked Pokhara style. I wish I had it more than once and I’m still thinking about it two years on! (Only for those who can take a hot chilli though)

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    Love this list, you have so many great food options for Pokhara! I am obsessed with Momo’s and so glad you gave a recommendation for those, I love them so much!

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    Glad I’m not the only one that visited God Fathers on more than one occasion. The exact comfort food I needed after 2 weeks of trekking! Pizza never tasted so good.

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