Los Angeles The United States

Stopover in Los Angeles – 24 & 48 hour Itinerary


Los Angeles is a popular place for airport stopovers. When I had a stopover at Los Angeles I had no idea how to spend my 48 hours, where to see and ultimately the best way to spend this limited time. This is why I put together this 24 & 48 hour itinerary.

24 Hour Stopover


Arrive at LAX and make your way through custom. You then want to get to your accommodation. Check out prices for an uber, shuttle or using public transport, weigh each option against the cost and time it’ll take out of your day.



Check in at your accommodation probably won’t be until the afternoon, so go there and ask reception if you can leave your bags. You certainly will not want to drag them around exploring this is your best option.

Speaking of accommodation I recommend staying in Hollywood. This way all the action is right outside your doorstep. I stayed at The Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, a 3 minute walk from the TCL Chinese Theater and highly recommend it.


Go out and walk around for a while, get your bearings on where your accommodation is located and what is in the general area. Go down to Starline Tours in Hollywood & Highland and purchase a 24/ 48 hour ticket depending on how long you have in Los Angeles. Trust me this is the best way to see the city.



Its lunch time ! There are loads of eateries along Hollywood Boulevard to choose from. Of course these have the crazy prices, being in a popular tourist area. So if you’re looking for something on the cheaper side check out Calle Tacos which is a ten minute walk away from Hollywood & Highland


Go check out the souvenir shops along Hollywood Boulevard and of course all the amazing stores inside the Hollywood & Highland Center. It’s an interesting experience exploring stores in a different country.  I got to see Sephora and Victoria Secret for the first time, even though I couldn’t afford anything, it was still amazing.



It’s time to put that hop on hop off bus ticket into action! Jump on the bus outside the TCL Chinese Theater and take the red loop. Throughout the two hour drive you will check out the celebrity party places along Sunset Boulevard, amazing high end stores Rodeo Drive, Melrose Ave, then back to Hollywood Boulevard. You’ll be able to hit up all the hot spots, all while comfortably relaxing.



Dinner time! There are loads of options around Hollywood for dinner, depending on your budget.  Click here for a map of cheap eats around Hollywood Boulevard !


Go enjoy Hollywood Boulevard under nightfall. All lit up and bright now, the party atmosphere is starting. Check out La La Land and grab some American sweets for desert!

 The 24 hour itinerary is generally about exploring Hollywood and witnessing that glam and glitz seen on TV through your own eyes. For any first timer in Los Angeles this will generally be the parts they are wishing to see, the walk of fame, celebrity hang outs, doing the all-round tourist thing.


48 Hour Stopover

Got a little longer in Los Angeles? Check out the 48 hour itinerary below:


Get ready for an exciting day in Los Angeles, exploring further afield. Head out and grab some breakfast, there’s a fair amount of travel today so you will need the energy.


Head infront of the TLC Chinese Theatre and jump on the Starline hop on hop off bus tour. You should have brought a 48 hour ticket yesterday, if you didn’t check out using an uber or public transport. On the bus tour you will take the red route to 3rd St/Beverly Hills and jump on the yellow route. This will take you to Ocean Ave/ Santa Monica Pier!



You’ve arrived at Santa Monica Pier! Time to go exploring! Check out Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier and ride the world’s only solar powered roller coaster. Get those awesome Instagram shots with the ocean in the background. Have a look at all the street vendors lining the pier, you can even get yourself drawn as a cartoon, we’ve all secretly wanted that.



To the hop on hop off bus stop at Ocean Ave/Santa Monica Pier, though this time instead of getting the yellow bus, jump onto the green bus. Enjoy the sites as you drive alongside the Pacific Ocean. Head off the bus when it stops at Venice Beach/ Boardwalk.


Once you arrive at Venice Beach get out and explore! Do or don’t avoid all the medical marijuana outlets, up to you! Stroll along the boardwalk and check out all the stalls, pick yourself up some knickknacks. Grab some street food and people watch, there are so many different types of people here and it has an awesome atmosphere. As you walk along the boardwalk you’ll see why it’s also known as muscle beach with everyone training.



Head back to the Venice Beach/Boardwalk bus stop and jump back on the green bus until you are at the Ocean Ave/Santa Monica Pier stop. Head off the bus and get onto the yellow bus which will take you back to 3rd St/Beverly Hills where you will do your final bus swap onto the red bus which will take you back outside the TLC Chinese Theater.


Dinner time! There are loads of options around Hollywood for dinner, depending on your budget.  Click here for a map of cheap eats around Hollywood Boulevard !