Los Angeles The United States

Los Angeles – Santa Monica & Venice Beach


Thinking I wouldn’t need an alarm set the night before I wake up from a fifteen hour sleep. Still tired and with half the day gone I force myself to get ready and go out to explore Los Angeles. For breakfast/lunch I just want something quick and easy, so a local fast food place in the Hollywood & Highland Centre is perfect. This is where I find the most perfect vege burger in my life from Dave and Busters . Oh, and brioche should be a thing in New Zealand. For the first time in my life they happened to offer unlimited top ups of drinks, so I took advantage. Though, I don’t understand the passion Americans have for root beer, it’s just like drinking mouthwash.


Dave and Busters Lunch in Los Angeles

As I had a 48 hour bus pass that was the second part of the day and by the time I arrived in Santa Monica it was afternoon. I remember being younger and watching a tv show called Rocket Power that had a pier which resembled the one at Santa Monica. From that moment it had always been a dream of mine to go there. Unfortunately, all that time allowed was a stroll to the end and back with a couple photo opportunities along the way. It was as beautiful as I had imagined, even in the middle of winter with a slight chill from the ocean. A realisation I had is that not only do they drive on the right side of the road in America. They also instinctively walk on that side of the footpath, food for thought.


Sanata Monica Pier

It was on the bus to Venice beach sitting upstairs with no roof when the strong smell of weed hit us like a freight train. That’s when I knew I was close. I absolutely loved Venice Beach and no, not because I am into the druggie lifestyle commonly associated with it. To be honest, it was the only place I went to in Los Angeles that has a bit of culture.

Not being tempted to try any of the ‘medical’ stores which lined the boardwalk allowing people ‘prescriptions’ for medical marijuana I strolled past. There were also many tee-shirt stores, food outlets (deep fried oreo anyone?) and Mexican stores selling little nick knacks. I have never seen such a congregation of homeless people. Though, I have heard that it is nothing compared to other homeless areas in Los Angeles. Everyone there was happy and dancing to music. The reasoning behind that could be explained by the large amount of medical stores around. With the sun set making its way through the fog and the last bus about to head back to Hollywood I navigate my way back to the stop. We jump on and I wrap myself tightly in my jacket watching the darkness take over.


Skaters at Venice Beach


photo bombing on Venice Beach

I have dinner at the same fast food place as brunch and order the same meal. What can I say I’m loyal when I find something I love and humans are creatures of habit. The evening  is spent at the arcade playing games back at Dave and Busters. I somehow manage to win enough tickets for two teddy bears and playing cards. Also, I can never pass by the opportunity for a quick spot of shopping, especially when the stores are still open at 9.30pm on a Monday in the middle of winter.

Also an important fact about America is the toilets. Well, we all know it flushes the other way, yeah, whatever lame. But the toilet water here fills up half the bowl– wtf

Observations in Los Angeles:

– I knew that the toilets flushed the other direction thanks to all the American TV I watched growing up. Though no one told me that the water here fills up half the bowl, can someone please explain this?

–  That it isn’t as dangerous as people told me it would be with gunshots everywhere.

-Los Angeles is such a freakin large place. In New Zealand town maps places take ten or twenty minutes to drive to, not hours.

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