Los Angeles The United States

Landing in Los Angeles – Hollywood


Waking up to the air attendants shuffling through the aisles organising breakfast we still had two excruciating long hours before we would be landing in Los Angeles and I would get to experience Hollywood for the first time. Spending the previous twelve hours squished into the middle isle in the most uncomfortable seats I have ever experienced it was a relief hitting the tarmac.

Being from New Zealand and previously been approved for an ESTA made customs a breeze. Made even better thanks to good looking customs official, god bless America. Making it through all the queues the very first thing I managed to do in the airport was walk into the men’s bathroom. Whose’ freakin idea was it that a mens bathroom would have two doors opposite each other, no!


View flying over the Pacific Ocean

After gathering our bags and catching a shuttle to our accommodation at The Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, I had a well overdue freshened up much needed after that horrible long-haul flight. The place we are staying at is perfect, in the center of all the action. Soon enough I was standing on the walk of fame, being pestered by people trying to achieve their Hollywood dream.

Wanting a quick and easy bite the Hard Rock Cafe seemed like the best option for lunch. I quickly found out the food was below average, it was ridiculously expensive and I would never return. Though, the plus side was  we had an amazing waiter to use to date a kiwi girl. He was super helpful teaching me how to pay the bill ‘American Style’ for the first time.


On top of the Starline Tours bus

Heading back to the hotel for the afternoon I was in much need for a drink of water. I was raised to always carry a drink bottle, no matter where I am. Though, after going through the airport I had yet to buy one. I remember always hearing people talk about ‘Los Angeles water’. I knew it was something I had to experience. For the few people who may actually be interested it legitimately smelled of sugar (no lies), but tasted of chemicals, like pool water. That gulp of water I was craving turned to instant regret and from that moment on I bought bottled water.

Back in New Zealand I had purchased a hop on hop off tour of Hollywood through Starline Tours for two reasons. One, I only had 48 hours to spend in Los Angeles so I didn’t have spare time to navigate the public transport system. Secondly, it was cheaper to purchase online. Staying close to Hollywood Boulevard the bus stop was an easy find. It was a nice way to end the day chilling back, sitting down and listening to a commentator. The bus drove around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles. Showing off the lifestyles of the rich and famous. The tour took longer than expected, arriving back outside the Chinese Theater as the sunset over the hills in the distance.


Hollywood at night was different than it was during the day. With bright disco lights lighting up the streets, blaring music and shops that don’t close until very late. With most people finished school and work for the day the smell of weed began to taint the air. One I have learned to identify through my years at university and hanging with people in a certain crowd. That is something that would never occur back in New Zealand, where marijuana is illegal. The consumption is nowhere near great enough for it to have an effect on a large city scale.


Observations in Hollywood:

– As a proud tomato sauce fiend I am enjoying having a bottle on every table

– That tipping should be a thing in New Zealand so the employees will always give great service

– I love American accents


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