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The Best Views In Athens- The Top 10 View Spots!

best views in athens acropolis

The Best Views In Athens That You Need To See During Your Visit! For the best views in Athens you must know where to go in this bustling city. There are so many view point opportunities, from restaurants and mountains to historic sites and hotel terraces. This can all get a little bit overwhelming. So, […]

Backpacking Athens On A Budget: All You Need To Know

city square backpacking athens on a budget

Athens is a very popular backpacker destination. Thanks to its affordability and impressive history you will find travelers of all types exploring their way throughout the city at all times of the year, from backpackers to solo travelers in Athens, and families. It is the perfect European destination and it does not take too much […]

Discovering The Athens Food Scene With Athens Walking Tours

sharing cretan food with athens walking tours

Exploring The Hidden Foodie Highlights Of Athens With Athens Walking Tours Arriving in any new destination can often times feel overwhelming. There is a whole new country to explore, a new language barrier to over come and a different transportation system to navigate. Though, one of my favorite parts of discovering a new country is […]

Backpacking Santorini On A Budget: All You Need To Know

views in oia backpacking santorini on a budget

Santorini is not your typical backpacker’s destination. With expensive accommodation, honeymooners everywhere and romantic couples wandering the beaches, it would not be many budget travelers first picks. Though, when doing some research you will quickly learn that it is possible to be backpacking Santorini on a budget. In this backpacking Santorini travel guide, I will […]

Sightseeing Santorini- Exploring In A Private Taxi With Santorini Best Tours

village of oia sightseeing santorini

Sightseeing Santorini On A Private Taxi Tour With Santorini Best Tours Sightseeing Santorini is something we wanted to do since arriving on the island. From the gorgeous blue domed churches, bucket list views in Oia, incredible beaches and beautiful sunsets there was so many incredible places to see. Though, with crazy one way streets, overly […]

The Cost To Travel Greece And How Expensive Is Greece Really?

tasha amy in santorini cost to travel greece

Find out exactly how much it will cost to travel Greece budget backpacker style so you can find out how expensive is Greece. Let’s talk about the price of accommodation, transportation, food and more before I let you know EXACTLY how much I spent on my trip to Greece! Luckily for us backpackers Greece is […]

The Best Volcano Tour In Santorini- What To Expect & Review

sailboat tour santorini sunset

Exploring Nea Kamani On A Volcano Tour In Santorini The beautiful island of Santorini is a top item on many bucket lists; seeing the gorgeous blue domed churches, the amazing views and the village of Oia. Though, one of the best things to do is taking a volcano tour in Santorini. This is what I […]