Sightseeing Santorini- Exploring In A Private Taxi With Santorini Best Tours

Sightseeing Santorini On A Private Taxi Tour With Santorini Best Tours

Sightseeing Santorini is something we wanted to do since arriving on the island. From the gorgeous blue domed churches, bucket list views in Oia, incredible beaches and beautiful sunsets there was so many incredible places to see. Though, with crazy one way streets, overly confident local drivers and loose tourists behind the wheel we were not comfortable on navigating Santorini on our own. We could not let that deter us.

Luckily, Santorini Best Tours  came to our rescue. They offer a private taxi tour of the island with a local. Providing insider knowledge and taking you to all the best spots to see. This was the perfect solution to our Santorini driving nerves.

tasha amy in front of oia sightseeing santorini

view over the island from monastery sightseeing santorini

Why Book A Private Taxi Tour With Santorini Best Tours?

I have never been the type of person to take private sightseeing tour, usually I would try and navigate a destination myself. Though, as I said Santorini was something else entirely. We did actually hire a car for our stay, but only used it to get to and from the airport. The roads here can be complete chaos, especially in the high season, same goes for the buses. We found ourselves driving the wrong way down one way streets and getting completely lost which put us well off anymore driving than necessary.

Luckily, Santorini Best Tours came to our rescue. They offer a private taxi tour with a local, which in my opinion is the perfect way to be sightseeing Santorini. They can alter their private taxi tour depending on your needs and interests, whether that be photography, wineries, beaches and more!

Our local and wonderful driver for the afternoon was called Panos. He is a Santorini local who was absolutely incredible throughout our entire journey. He safely drove us around to all the best spots in Santorini from the comfort of a air conditioned mini van, which was perfect after exploring around in thirty degree heat. Panos also picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel, ensuring we got back.

oia during golden hour sightseeing santorini

church bells in oia sightseeing santorini

Private Taxi Tour Sightseeing In Santorini

Sightseeing In Oia, Santorini

After being picked up from our accommodation we were advised by Panos the best place to start our sightseeing Santorini tour would be Oia. This is because it is now mid afternoon, so the crowds would have died down from the midday rush and it was before the craziness at sunset.

We make our way to the tip of the island. Following the roads as Panos informs us of the history of Santorini and the volcanic formations.

Arriving in Oia the afternoon sun is still beating down and the temperatures are hot. Though, it is worth visiting Oia at this hour due to there being less crowds.

The pristine white buildings against the deep blue sea is a match made in heaven. The streets are perfectly clean and the marble sidewalks shine, its a far cry from Athens city.

He navigates us through the smalls streets to all the best photo spots. There is still the occasional tour group, but its much better than having to fight hundreds of people to get that perfect shot. We only have to wait minutes for our turn to take a photo with the Oia windmills in the background. Soon this place would be swarmed with tourists waiting for sunset.

Check out Travel With Me 24 x 7 Blog for their Santorini Guide! blue domed churches in oia sightseeing santorini tasha amy in oia sightseeing santorini flowers and blue church in oia sightseeing santorini windmills in oia sightseeing santorini blue domed churchin oia sightseeing santorini

Blue Domed Church In Fira

Piling back into the luxurious mini van we get that air con pumping and make our way towards Fira. This stop is to visit one of the most popular blue domed churches on Santorini.

Panos parks up at a view point above the church. It provides never ending views over the ocean with the perfect angle for capturing the church without any of the crowds below and the nearby Nea Kameni.

We get some obligatory shots in front of the beautiful scenery before moving along to our third location of the day.

view over church to cruiseship sightseeing santorini

church views over sightseeing santorini

The Monastery In Santorini

Driving up a winding hill we make our way to the highest point in Santorini, The Monastery of Pophet Elias. At 565 meters above sea level the uninterrupted views of the island are breath taking. The sheer cliffs to the ocean, the many wineries and the beautiful villages, you can see it all from up here.

We enter the Monastery down a steep set of steps and are quickly greeted. We are offered to try some of the delicious tasters they have for sale including wine they have also made (if you are a wine lover you can also find dedicated wine tours in Santorini). Everything is delicious and we purchase a little treat.

From up here you can see how truly large of an island Santorini is. There are so many interesting villages, each with their own atmosphere. We stop to watch a couple planes land, its amazing how busy the airport here is.

monastery cats santorini sightseeing

view from monastery sightseeing santorini food and wine testers at monastery sightseeing santorini prophet elias monastery sightseeing santorini

Black Beach, Santorini

Driving into Black Beach this seems like a whole other side of Santorini. The main beach strip is lined with beautiful looking eateries. It reminds me of some of the cafes in Bali.

I have read this area is a lot more family friendly, as well as cheaper, than the romantic location of Oia. Though, I feel like this side of the island is more my vibe. A relaxed, calm atmosphere with more natural beauty. The roads a considerably straight and easy to navigate unlike the other side of Santorini. I think I will be staying in this area next time I am on this island!

black beach sightseeing santorini black beach chairs sightseeing santorini

Red Beach, Santorini

Steep rust colored cliff sides greet us that we have arrived at the popular Red Beach. It is a beautiful location, though the walk from the car park is not the easiest. We navigate over sharp scoria like rocks, it also does not help that I am wearing jandles.

There are plenty of warning signs and tape advising people not to enter the beach. I am not sure if this is always there, but people commonly go to the beach as I have seen in many photos (possibly another entrance). Panos advises us it is not safe to do so. Though, this was quite obvious from the precariously perched rocks which had come halfway down a landslide.

We watch as the sky turns into golden hour, perfectly highlighting the red rocks along the beach and silhouetting the many catamarans and yachts in the ocean.

landslide at red beach santorini sightseeing red beach in santorini with boats sunset at red beach sightseeing santorini church at red beach sightseeing santorini

Sunset At The Lighthouse In Santorini

We arrive at the lighthouse in Santorini just in time to grab a semi comfortable spot and watch the sunset. This is probably the second most popular place to watch sunset. The other is Oia, but there you will be fighting hundreds of selfie sticks and be as squashed as a sardine in a tin.

We deal with the incoming wind and the sharp rocks, finding a suitable place to cuddle up. The sunsets in Santorini are truly spectacular. We are sharing this spot with maybe fifty over people, though it is relaxing. I can not imagine finishing off my last night in Santorini any other way.

With a new found chill in the air we jump back into the minivan and Panos drives us back to our hotel. It has been a truly amazing afternoon and it is no doubt this is our favorite way to be sightseeing Santorini and one of the best tour we had done in a long time. If you are heading to this beautiful island and are interested in sightseeing Santorini I can highly recommend Santorini Best Tours. You will have such a great time and will be looked after throughout your tour.

watching sunset in santorini lighthouse sunset from lighthouse sightseeing santorini pink sunset sightseeing santorini

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13 thoughts on “Sightseeing Santorini- Exploring In A Private Taxi With Santorini Best Tours

  1. Avatar for Valentina
    Valentina says:

    I loved Santorini, it’s a truly magic place! Everywhere you look, the views are always incredible! I’ve never used a private taxi tour but it seems like you see a lot with it!

  2. Avatar for Bea
    Bea says:

    Such beautiful photos! I think you had the right idea with the private tour. We hiked mostly on foot with a 7-year old in tow. As much as we love hiking, the heat was a bit much even in June.

  3. Avatar for Catherine @ To & Fro Fam
    Catherine @ To & Fro Fam says:

    I’m with you: I get stressed out driving on my own, which isn’t a nice way to spend a vacation. Doing a tour—and a private one, at that—is a great way to see a new place. I so want to go to Santorini!!

  4. Avatar for Taru
    Taru says:

    Wow, you really got to see a lot – and what a great way to end the tour on a sunset! I never take tour buses but this sound like a tour I could possibly take!

  5. Avatar for Joy Sheehan
    Joy Sheehan says:

    Greece has been on my bucket list for YEARS! Santorini looks stunning and you took such incredible photos of it! Great post with a lot of helpful insight!

    On a sidenote, your sunglasses are super cute! lol

  6. Avatar for Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Wow how fantastic – you got to see so much :O We got married in Santorini and most of our time there was spent on preparing for the wedding instead of exploring so we didn’t get to see half the stuff you did! I’ve felt for a long time we need to go back and I’m always looking for reasons to do so – when we do, I’m doing this Private Taxi Tour for sure thanks!

  7. Avatar for Mo
    Mo says:

    I have never been to Santorini, but it looks like the most photogenic city in the world – even though I see it everywhere in IG, each picture is just so stunning! I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be in real life. Can’t wait to get there!

  8. Avatar for Nailah
    Nailah says:

    I’ve never been to Santorini, but just looking at the pictures of the high, winding roads, I think you’re right about a private taxi is your best option! Hope to visit one day and trying it myself.

  9. Avatar for Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists
    Sarah - Borders & Bucket Lists says:

    I love Santorini! But I’ve never tried it in a private taxi. It sounds like quite the experience!

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