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Stopover in Los Angeles – 24 & 48 hour Itinerary

Stopover in Los Angeles, The United States | 48 and 24 Hour Itinerary | What to do in Los Angeles | Layover | Los Angeles | Stopover | One day in | Two days in | When to visit | Where to sleep | Where to eat | How to get around | What to do | Backpacking | Budget Travel | Solo Female Travel | Backpackers Wanderlust |

Los Angeles is a popular place for airport stopovers. When I had a stopover at Los Angeles I had no idea how to spend my 48 hours, where to see and ultimately the best way to spend this limited time. This is why I put together this 24 & 48 hour itinerary. It will take […]

Tune Hotel klia2 The Perfect Airport Stay In Kuala Lumpur

tasha amy in bedroom at tune hotel klia2

Tune Hotel klia2: The Perfect Stay Just Minutes From The Airport I often find myself in Kuala Lumpur, though usually it is just for a layover between long flights so I don’t have the energy to go out and explore. Well, last year I discovered the perfect way to kill time between jetting off again, […]