Tune Hotel klia2 The Perfect Airport Stay In Kuala Lumpur

Tune Hotel klia2: The Perfect Stay Just Minutes From The Airport

I often find myself in Kuala Lumpur, though usually it is just for a layover between long flights so I don’t have the energy to go out and explore. Well, last year I discovered the perfect way to kill time between jetting off again, Tune Hotel klia2.

Every since my first visit I have been staying there on every layover. This is actually extremely often as being based in New Zealand is awkward in terms of route options and my airline of choice is based from Kuala Lumpur. I know that after a long and cramped flight I will be welcomed by a smile and an incredibly comfortable bed, what more could you want!

entrance to tune hotel klia2 kuala lumpur

How to find Tune Hotel klia2

Now, don’t make the silly mistake I did on my first stay of booking at the wrong terminal. In Kuala Lumpur there are two individual airport terminals, KLIA and klia2. Tune Hotel is located in klia2. Though, don’t worry if you are flying in or out of KLIA as the express train only takes a couple minutes to travel between the terminals and costs less than $1.00.

So after you’ve finished your duty free shopping purchasing some Malaysian souvenirs, time to check in for the night. Once you are in klia2 get yourself to level 2, from here there are two different options of getting to Tune Hotel….

Option One:

Find the elevators by the Car Park Entrance B signage. You will want to take the elevator to floor CP3. Once exiting you will see a sign for Tune Hotel which will point you the rest of the way.

Option Two:

If you cannot find the elevators the other option is while on level two, walk until you are nearly at the exit and you will see a family mart. To the left of that is an escalator, take this down one level. You will then be in the same place as the elevator.

Just walk over the sky bridge, take the elevator or stairs down and keep following the path. It is quite well sign written once you get over the sky bridge, though sometimes it can be a bit difficult getting yourself to the correct level.

lounging area at tune hotel klia2 malaysia

outdoor area at tune hotel klia2

For Airport Day Stays

If you are arriving in Kuala Lumpur in the morning and have a fair decent layover until your next flight there is no better option than checking yourself into Tune Hotel. The affordable day rate is valid from 7am until 7pm where you can relax in the comfort of your own well facilitated, clean room with a ridiculously comfortable bed.

Also, there is nothing better than jumping off a long flight than being able to refresh with a shower and a good sleep! For me this makes long journeys so much more bearable and keeps me sane.

Oh, and if you book through their website the day rate also includes an amazing meal at the MAKAN restaurant. You can order a meal and a drink off their set menu and the portions are massive! Try the mee goreng, its amazing!

day room for your airport stay at tune hotel klia2 bathroom at tune hotel in klia2

For Airport Over Night Stays

Tune Hotel is not just perfect for day stays, but for overnight stays as well. They have a variety of rooms at different price levels allowing you to find something for every budget.

The standard rooms have a similar design to the day rooms with the red and black theme of Tune Hotels ebing carried on within the room. With air conditioning, a comfortable bed, television and desk you have everything you need for a good stay.

I was lucky enough to stay in their Garden King Rooms which are the new kids on the block. These recently renovated additions are modern with a crisp design. The glass bathroom is certainly a stand out feature, though curtains can be pulled across for easy privacy. Dark accents mixed with the industrial vibe really make this room feel luxurious and a step above the rest.

It is also the small details that count when staying a Tune Hotel klia2, such as having bottle water, fast wifi and international plug sockets. I know I can check in to the hotel and have a clean, comfortable and well equipped room waiting for me.

garden king room airport stay at tune hotel klia2 fluffy pillows at the garden king room in klia2 changing area in the garden king room at tune hotel klia2 bathroom in tune hotel klia2 garden king room

Foodie Options

MAKAN Restaurant & Lounge

MAKAN at Tune is the perfect place to stop when hunger gets the best of you. With plenty of formal and informal seating options as well as an industrial vibe mixed with splashes of color, this playful space is the perfect socializing area.

They offer a wide range of food options of favorite Asian and Western delights. Oh, and I highly recommend visiting their buffet breakfast!

Best of all MAKAN is open 24/7. This means when you haven’t adjusted to the time zone and your stomach is rumbling at 4am, you can find yourself a delicious hot meal just a couple minutes from the comfort of your room.


MINUM At Tune Hotel is a relaxed hideaway and an evening hotspot with its chilled vibes. Serving up a variety of delicious hot tapas as well as swanky drinks including drought beers, it is the perfect way to unwind. You can head there from 5pm until 1am. breakfast food at minimum cafe in tune hotel klia2 welcome sign at minimum cafe in tune hotel klia2 seating area in restaurant at tune hotel klia2

Why I Love Tune Hotels For Airport Stays

No doubt, during any layover in Kuala Lumpur you can find me in Tune Hotel klia2. For me it is super convenient being such a short walk from the airport. So, even when my flight arrives at 3am I don’t have to worry about getting a taxi or transport. I also know when I check in that my stay will be in a room that is comfortable and clean, as well as having all the amenities required for a busy traveler like myself.

Check them out for your next airport stay in Kuala Lumpur!

garden king room view at tune hotel klia2
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I was a guest at Tune Hotel during my layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Though, all opinions are my own and they are my hotel of choice when I have a quick stop and need to refresh!

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