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Top Ten Things To Do in Costa Rica

1. Explore the beaches Costa Rica seriously has all the beaches you could ever dream of. From black sand, white sand, rocky, tropical, surfing, you will have so many different options to choose from. Make sure you bring your swimmers because you will definitely need them and get ready to [...]

Top Ten Things To Do in Costa Rica2018-07-16T23:00:10+12:00

Costa Rica – A Travel Guide For Backpackers

Costa Rica is such a wanderlust destination. It is a country full of biodiversity, rainforests, sloths and amazing ticos. It is a destination which is on many travellers bucket lists and one unlike any other. From the hot desert landscapes to the lush green tropical regions elsewhere, you’ll find yourself consistently in [...]

Costa Rica – A Travel Guide For Backpackers2019-06-29T16:06:28+12:00

Zip Lining in Monteverde, Costa Rica

[spacer height="20px"]Waking up in an unusual place I surprisingly had no hangover sick feeling, just a major craving for water. I wandered back to my room got changed and had the typical hostel breakfast of poorly cooked pancakes. It was then time for todays adventure of zip lining at Aventura Canopy [...]

Zip Lining in Monteverde, Costa Rica2017-11-24T13:33:16+12:00

La Paz Waterfall Garden & Monteverde – Costa Rica

Walking to school on a Saturday with two Australian girls make the early wake up slightly less horrible. Though, being the weekend, we weren’t at school to learn. Today it was a meeting point for our first trip outside the capital with Intercultura.  Soon enough we were travelling to La [...]

La Paz Waterfall Garden & Monteverde – Costa Rica2017-11-24T11:04:25+12:00
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