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The Best Tour Of Mandalay, Myanmar

Day Tour Mandalay Myanmar Including Visiting U Bein Bridge, Inwa Town, A Monestary, A Beautiful Sunset And Many More | What to do in Mandalay | Best things to do in Mandalay | Mandalay photography | Travel blog Mandalay | Backpackers Wanderlust |

All The Best Sites In Mandalay, Myanmar When I first put Mandalay on my itinerary I had the Robbie Williams song in my head and very little knowledge about what this city had to offer; well except the famous teak bridge of course. Even up until I arrived from Bagan I was still unsure of […]

How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Myanmar?

Exploring Dala Township, Yangon, Myanmar | Travel blog Yangon, Myanmar | What to do in Yangon | Dala Township | My time in Yangon Dala | 48 hours in Yangon | Dala Village | Tuktuk tour | Best photos of Yangon | Solo Female Travel | Backpackers Wanderlust |

How Cheap Is Myanmar and How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Myanmar? Travelling can be expensive so its good to keep track of expenses and make a budget. I tracked my spending so I can share with you how much it can cost to travel in Myanmar. When I was researching online, Myanmar […]

Staying At Hotel By The Red Canal In Mandalay, Myanmar

balcony rooms hotel by the red canal

For the last stop in Mandalay on our Myanmar adventures, we really wanted to find somewhere tranquil and relaxing. Though, this is obviously not easy in a large, bustling, busy city. Luckily enough I came across Hotel By The Red Canal. In this review I cover everything from how to get to Hotel By The […]