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Secret Grotto In Lifou: Is It Worth It?

the entry to the cave at the secret grotto in lifou

Come find out all you need to know about checking out the secret grotto in Lifou. In contrast to the name, it isn’t actually that secret, but it is still well worth visiting. I will let you know where it is located, the history, entry fees, and what to expect! Whether you are visiting Lifou […]

Jinek Bay Snorkeling In Lifou: BEST Snorkeling In New Caledonia?

the beautiful cliffside along the water at jinek bay marine reserve in lifou

If you are visiting Lifou no doubt you have heard of Jinek Bay for snorkeling, I mean this is THE place to discover life under the water here. Though does it really live up to all the hype? Let’s find out that and what else you need to know when it comes to Jinek Bay […]

15 Things To Do In Lifou: For Cruise Ship Passengers & More

checking out the viewpoints, one of the best things to do in lifou

Welcome to Lifou! This beautiful island is an absolute paradise and well worth visiting if you are in New Caledonia. There are also a lot of incredible things to do in Lifou, whether you are a cruise ship passenger just staying 1 day, or you are lucky enough to spend a bit more time here. […]