CitizenM Tower Of London Review: A Hotel For Modern Travelers

The Ultimate Stay In London: CitizenM Tower Of London Review

Being my first time in London I knew I wanted to stay in a prime location to explore this iconic city. I thought finding the perfect hotel to complete my adventures in England would be difficult. Though, after setting my eyes on CitizenM Tower Of London I knew I had found my perfect match.  I teamed up with them to bring you this CitizenM Tower of London Review, including all their country-proud quirky decor, mind-blowing beds and awe-inspiring views.

Opened in 2016 it has 370 luxury rooms perfect for the modern traveler. So, come with me and discover the highlights of this hotel in my CitizenM Tower Of London Review.

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Why Choose CitizenM?

CitizenM is a global hotel chain spanning currently 12 locations across the United Kingdom and Europe, as well as more in Asia and The United States. The first hotel opened in Amsterdam in 2008.  Though, different from your traditional hotels around the world they strive to meet the needs of modern travelers, affordable luxury.  Combing affordable prices, central locations and a luxury hotel experience they have been breaking hotel norms and shaking up the industry.

Providing the perfect place to sleep, work, relax and play they have truly designed the hotels with their customers in mind. Free WiFi, cozy furniture and cloud-like beds are just a couple of amenities which they have paid great importance to. The unique decor at the various CitizenM hotels also helps set them far apart from any other competition. They are embracing colorful, artsy and unique designs completely breaking all norms of the usually beige industry.

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CitizenM Tower Of London Review: My Experience

Location & Accessibility

The location of the CitizenM Tower Of London is perfect for those wanting to explore London! No need to worry about a car and the subsequent parking chaos that comes from driving in one of the worlds busiest cities.

Our chosen method of arrival at CitizenM Tower Of London is by using the underground. It is a mind-blowingly easy process. Make your way to the Tower Hill station, on either the Circle or district lines. Then once you go to exit just climb the stairs. From there, literally around the corner, you will find the entrance to CitizenM Tower Of London. The hotel is pretty much built over the station itself. I can’t think of many other places that are this easy to access.

The other major plus of the location is that it is so close to a lot of London’s main sights. The iconic Tower Of London is pretty much on your doorstep, which is perfect for beating the huge crowds of tourists that can be seen there. Then after that, you can visit London Bridge, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, City Hall and even the Shard, London’s tallest newest building, all within easy walking distance.

Despite being in the heart of London and set on a busy street with a metro station below, the building itself is very quiet. A high amount of soundproofing and thick double glazed windows make sure to keep you a world away from the busy city life.

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Checking In

Now the checking process is where you get your first impressions. From this moment onwards it will become obvious that CitizenM Tower Of London is not your regular run of the mill hotel. Walking in there are no wooden desks and a queue which takes twenty minutes. Instead, they have embraced the efficiency of technology, with a self-check-in/ check-out procedure. Though don’t worry, there are plenty to staff to lend a helping hand if you happen to get stuck!

You scan your own room cards and can choose where in the building you would like to stay, just get there early to be able to pick a top floor room! I found the whole experience extremely easy to use and I was off up to my room within a minute.

check in citizenm tower of london review

First Impressions Of Our Room

One of the first features that stands out is a huge floor to ceiling window. Due to the late arrival, we miss out on the popular high floor rooms with views of the Tower Of London. Instead, it is on the third floor for us. Though we still have a spectacular view of Trinity Square Gardens and a cute little coffee cart  (note to self to check that out later).

I can only guess that if you manage to get a room on one of the top floors you would have some of the best hotel views in London. The window has 2 blinds that roll up or down at a push of a button using the tablet provided with the room. One of the blinds is blackout, perfect for watching the countless movies provided by the hotel. The other blind is good for just keeping a little privacy from the outside world while still letting some light in.

Below the window lies the massive super king bed, 2 meters x 2 meters to be precise. In all honesty, it could sleep a whole family, so for only two people, you can stretch out as much as your heart desires, in any direction. Seriously, you sometimes forget that you are sharing a bed with anyone! A quick bed test proves it feels as good as it looks, just like laying in a cloud. The pillows are huge in size to complement the massive bed. I don’t know where they found a duvet cover which fits something so large, but it is perfect and extremely fluffy.

With a flat screen television positioned perfectly at the end of the bed, it provides hundreds of movies at a push at a button. No doubt this is how the majority of the customers spend their nights, and I am definitely on board with that!

The bathroom reflects mood lighting across the room. You can alter the color depending on how you are feeling or even have it on a party setting where it changes every couple of seconds. The toilet and shower are housed in a capsule compartment, which is surprisingly roomy. There is even a rainshower, what more could you want! Shower gel is provided in both an AM and a PM to set yourself ready for whatever the day (or night) has to throw at you, all in CitizenM’s signature scents.

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Our Experience Staying Overnight

We spend the first 10 minutes playing with the lights, making the room feel like an 80’s disco. Though, now it is time to unpack. Storage compartments under the bed provide the perfect hideaway spots for our backpacks. They can truly be a hassle when staying in a hotel room, especially with all straps lying around so having somewhere to tuck them away is perfect.

Discovering all the features on an iPad it is obvious how much thought has gone into designing the rooms for modern travelers. We can literally control everything! From the lights, which can switch between a variety of colors, to the curtains, tv, music, room service. All at a push of a button, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop.

It’s now 5pm and having not eaten since breakfast we grab a quick dinner at an India restaurant located a mere 10 minutes walk away. On the way back we also stop in at Tesco’s grabbing some much necessary lollies and chocolates. Tonight we are determined to truly test out the movie capabilities of the massive television, so snacks are a must!

Arriving back at CitizenM Tower of London we get ready for a relaxing night in. Jumping in the shower I test out the delightful scents of the body washes. One is more of a masculine scent and the other more feminine. The rain shower is absolutely delightful. Though they also have a regular shower hose, which I use to wash my hair without getting shampoo in my eyes.

Its only 8pm, usually too early to get into bed on any other day. Though, staying here is the perfect excuse to snuggle up early and watch movies from the super king bed. There’s a genre for everyone, including new releases so it’s not the easiest narrowing down our options. I am amazed by the quality as we watch The Amazing Showman and Baywatch, don’t judge! Of course, I want to stay up all night watching different films, though being somewhat adult I make the smart decision cuddling up in the thick blankets ready to fly out of England tomorrow. Again, I grab the tablet, lower the blind, turn off the lights and set my alarm for tomorrow. Far too easy, I need one of these for when I get back home.

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A Delightful Breakfast At CanteenM

We cannot leave CitizenM Tower of London without trying out their buffet breakfast! Served on the ground floor each morning you can opt in for a delicious bite at an extra cost.  A mixture of full English and Continental options are available including fresh croissants, crispy bacon, authentic British baked beans and fluffy scrambled eggs, something for even the fussiest of eaters. There are plenty of hot and cold drink options including the morning essential, orange juice. There is plenty of seating available meaning it never feels crowded even at the busiest meal times.

The breakfast is held in CanteenM. Though don’t worry if you have slept through their breakfast hours or are checking in after a late flight. They are open 24/7. You can be safe knowing that great food is always ready to be served, whatever the time of day. Pop in for a light lunch in the afternoon or a simple, but flavorsome dinner. Of course, you will always receive friendly service from the CitizenM staff. The open style kitchen is located alongside the bar. Allowing you to see your food or morning coffee made right in front of you.

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CloudM Bar

On the top floor of CitizenM Tower of London is a well laid out bar called CloudM. There are amazing views of the iconic London skyline and the neighboring Tower of London. This is no doubt one of the highlights of the hotel.

I cannot imagine a better way to end a day exploring the streets of London. Imagine watching the panoramic sunset views with a delicious drink in hand.  There’s also plenty of places to sit both inside or out. So, you can still enjoy the sights through the glass walls even when its raining.

It’s the perfect place to go and just relax with your significant other and just enjoy the ambiance. Up here is also a few conference rooms for those with serious business stuff to attend to.

bar deck citizenm tower of london review library citizenm tower of london review lounge citizenm tower of london review

Checking Out

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end including our stay at CitizenM Tower of London. We make our way towards the elevator, with backpacks on past the bizarre jellyfish type installment that floats gracefully up and down the full 7 story length building.

Checking out is just as easy as checking in. We go to one of the computers enter a few details leave the key card and that’s it, all done. It is time to say goodbye to this well-presented affordable luxury hotel. We need to move on to our next destination, though no doubt we will be back. Perhaps even in one of their over locations as we have now, well and truly, become CitizenM fans.

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  1. Avatar for Victoria - Meet The Wards
    Victoria - Meet The Wards says:

    I considered staying at the Citizen M in Amsterdam but in the end backed out. You made it look fantastic. Maybe next time.

  2. Avatar for Keeley
    Keeley says:

    I go to London a lot and this hotel looks so cool, I love the lights! I’ll definitely check it out next time I need to stay overnight.

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    Yasmin Dick - Generation Avocado says:

    What amazing views! I walk by this hotel all the time but didn’t realise how awesome the views and the interiors were!

  4. Avatar for Josy A
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    Wow! I would never have thought of looking for a hotel near the Tower of London, but that view is amaaazing! I might give it a go next time we head back to the big smoke. :)

  5. Avatar for Anisa
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    Looks like a great hotel. I love the location and its so nice the bed is right next to the window. The lighting looks fun too. I would also love to hang out on the roofbar.

  6. Avatar for Katie
    Katie says:

    It looks like such a fun hotel. I’m going to be flying out of Heathrow early in the morning and will be staying overnight in London the day before. This might just be the perfect place to explore especially with the underground easily accessible!

  7. Avatar for Susan
    Susan says:

    I’ve not heard of CitizenM but will definitely look at them for future stays after reading about your stay! London is one of my favorite cities and this looks like a great place to use as a homebase to explore from.

  8. Avatar for Christine
    Christine says:

    I’ve never heard of CitizenM but it looks amazing! It’s great that you get to pick your room, and the view from your room looks great!

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    This hotel is SO funky!! I love the use of technology – which is really a must-have in this day and age. And great city views!

  10. Avatar for Maike
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    What a lovely hotel! The view at the Tower is sooo amazing! I go to London a lot and will definitely check the prices and availability for my next stay.

  11. Avatar for Bea
    Bea says:

    What a great little gem! My techie husband and son would definitely appreciate all the gadgets you talk about. I am really impressed with the self check in and check out. I hate nothing more than waiting in line. And I love their funky art. Beautiful!

  12. Avatar for Lisa
    Lisa says:

    LOVE the look of that room, it looks so cool! And I would die to stay so close to the Tower (and those views from the top!). Imagine all that history being so close :) Thanks so much for sharing your review!

  13. Avatar for Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Love the vibe of CitizenM. The entrance looks awesome with the decor, and the room is cozy! The mood lighting for the bathroom is awesome. It reminds me of the former Virgin America Airlines where you see the purple lights as you enter the plane. I’ll consider staying at CitizenM for future travels.

  14. Avatar for Richa
    Richa says:

    CitizenM looks so funky! I have debated with the idea of staying at this hotel chain a few times in the past but never really made the move. After reading your post and seeing the photos I think we will give it a try on our next vacation :)

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