Two Weeks in Myanmar Budget & Cost Breakdown

Yangon ministers building tasha amy

Travelling can be expensive so its good to keep track of expenses and make a budget. I made a Myanmar budget and cost breakdown which I am now sharing with you.

When I was researching online, Myanmar was listed as one of the most expensive countries is South East Asia, most people recommending between $30-$50 per person per day. This seemed like a lot of money, especially when I would read the neighboring, more touristy country, Thailand would cost $20-$40 per day. Though, my daily Myanmar budget came to a lot less than expected in the end.

Yangon Costs

Day 1

Flying into Yangon late at night my first major cost was my Visa. I had previously applied online and was approved for an e-visa at a cost of $50.00

I also picked up a sim card on arrival which gave me 4gb of data for $8.50

At the airport, I took a fixed price taxis to downtown Yangon accommodation $6.00

Staying at the Backpackers Bed & Breakfast for $10.00 per night including free breakfast and water.

Daily expenditure: $74.50

yangon food

Day 2

Free breakfast from backpackers

Visited Shwedagon Pagoda and somehow managed not to pay

Lunch (Jam buns from corner store & soft drink) $0.70

Ferry to Dala Township $2.20 return

Two hour tuktuk tour split between four people of Dala Township $2

Dinner at Golden Duck Restaurant (fried rice, Japanese tofu & soft drink) $5.20

Staying at the Backpackers Bed & Breakfast for $10.00 including free breakfast and water.

Daily expenditure: $20.10

sunset dala yangon myanmar

Day 3

Free breakfast from backpackers

Lunch at 999 Shan Noodle $1.50

I needed an adapter plug as I did not buy one before I left New Zealand $2.90

Half a watermelon $0.20, which I did not pay for as friend did

Bracelet purchased from a small boy who should probably be in school, not sitting in the back of a truck $0.70

Dinner is back to Golden Duck Restaurant again (fried rice & soft drink) $2.90

Staying at the Backpackers Bed & Breakfast for $10.00 including free breakfast and water.

Daily expenditure: $18.00

Day 4

Free breakfast from backpackers

Lunch at Rangoon Tea House (three samosas & watermelon juice) $5.00

Purchased a lock for my bag $1.50

I take the circle train around Yangon which is painfully long $0.15

I find a mini mart and purchase a dinner of cup noodles, cake and a soda $1.80

Staying at the Backpackers Bed & Breakfast for $10.00 including free breakfast and water.

Daily expenditure: $18.45

yangon shwedagon pagoda

Day 5

Free breakfast at hostel

Went back to the mini mart and brought more noodles for lunch & dinner $1.80

Night bus to Bagan $13.50

Daily expenditure: $15.30


Bagan Costs

Day 6

Shared a taxi from the bus stop to the accommodation $2.20

Paid the Bagan entry fee $20.00

E bike hire from sunrise to sunset $5.00

Purchased a pair of pants to wear around to the temples $3.70

Buy a coconut $0.70

Lunch at A Little Bit of Bagan (egg & avocado sandwich & soft drink )$3.60

Dinner at A Little Bit of Bagan (pizza & soft drink) $4.00

Staying at the Royal Bagan Hotel for $13.50 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $52.70

Day 7

Had a late breakfast which was included in the accommodation cost.

Dinner at Weatherspoons (lemon & lime juice, pasta & chips) $7.40

Staying at the Royal Bagan Hotel for $13.50 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $20.90

chilling out bagan myanmar tash amy

Day 8

Had a late breakfast which was included in the accommodation cost.

E bike hire from sunrise to sunset $6.00

Bottled water $0.20

Dinner at A little Bit of Bagan (egg & avocado sandwich, chips & soft drink) $7.30

Staying at the Royal Bagan Hotel for $13.50 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $27.00

Day 9

Free breakfast from accommodation

Late lunch at Shwe Ya Su Restaurant (pizza & lemon & lime juice)  $5.50

Purchased noodles and water at corner store $0.80

Staying at the Royal Bagan Hotel for $13.50 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $19.80

sunrises bagan balloons

Mandalay Costs

Day 10

Free breakfast from accommodation

Bus to Mandalay $7.00

Purchased water $0.40

Ate the leftover noodles purchased yesterday for dinner

Staying at the Four Rivers Hostel Mandalay for $14.00 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $21.40

Day 11

Free breakfast from accommodation

Felt sick today so did not do anything

Dinner at Nova (mozzarella sticks, grilled cheese sandwich & a pot of tea) $11.60

Staying at the Four Rivers Hostel Mandalay for $14.00 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $25.60

football and school girls mandalay

Day 12

Free breakfast from accommodation

Day tour organised through hostel to monastery, pagoda, local school, Sutaungpyei Pagoda, ava township and U-Bein Bridge $6.50

Lunch at a random side of the road restaurant- fried rice & soft drink $3.30

Snack purchased soft drink and chips- $0.60

Took a short boat ride across to Ava/Inwa township $0.90

Staying at the Four Rivers Hostel Mandalay for $14.00 including free breakfast.

Daily expenditure: $25.30

Day 13

Free breakfast from accommodation

Shared taxi to the airport to catch flight to Thailand $2.90

Lunch at airport café (chips, cake and a pot of tea) $7.40

Daily expenditure: $10.30

manadlay monestry myanmar

For a full 14 days, I would just add another $26.30 (my daily spend) to the budget.

Run down of costs

Myanmar Spending
Visa $50.00
Taxi airport to hostel $6.00
Data and sim $8.50
Ferry Dala $2.20
Tuktuk tour in Dala $2.00
Power socket adapter $2.90
Bracelet $0.70
Circle train $0.15
Lock for bag $1.50
Bus to Bagan $13.50
Taxi Bagan bus station $2.20
Pants $3.70
Bagan entry fee $20.00
E bike hire day one $5.00
E bike hire day two $6.00
Bus to Mandalay $7.00
Tour Mandalay $6.50
Ferry Ava $0.90
Airport Taxi $2.90
Accommodation $136.00
Food $64.30
Total spend $341.95
Per day budget $26.30
Budgeted Actual Difference
Total Spend $455.00 $341.95 $113.05
Cost per day $35 $26.30 $8.10

goat and ebikes bagan myanmar

Tips for saving money in Myanmar

  • Book hostels with free breakfast
  • Check out whether those hostels also include free water
  • Share transport with other people, hostels should have a board to put your name down on
  • Organised tours online can be expensive, try do it yourself or see if your accommodation offers anything
  • Negotiate with taxi drivers
  • You can haggle with street vendors, but me, nor anyone I was traveling with ever did, we felt like prices were too cheap in Myanmar

All prices are quoted in USD.

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Two weeks in Myanmar budget

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    • Yeah its super affordable, just depending where you are flying from the flights may not be so cheap. With a month you could also explore the amazing beaches in Myanmar or even pop over to the neighboring Thailand. I have been to Costa Rica as well, though they all sound like awesome options and I would for sure have a tough time deciding

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