Top Eight Things To Do In Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda yangon

Yangon Circle Train

The Yangon Circle Train departs from the Yangon Central Railway Station the circle train costs a mere 200 kyat or approximately $0.15. The journey will take at least three hours completing a circular route around the city, meaning if you don’t want to get off you don’t have to. There are plenty of opportunities to purchase things as well as people watch, giving you an insight into the daily life of the Burmese people.

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Bogyoke Aung San Market (Scott Market)

Bogyoke Market is located in Central Yangon and is the perfect pass to pass a few hours shopping around. The large colonial building is home to the markets which extend across a couple of stories. Selling everything from food, fresh juice, jewelry, clothing and artwork you can certainly get lost amongst the numerous stalls. Occasionally the salespeople can be pushy but a firm no will usually get your feelings across, just don’t raise your voice or get angry.

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Dala Township

Dala Township is across the Yangon River and is complete contrast to the busy city life. Take the 10 minute ferry across for a small $2.20 return ticket. Once over haggle with the drivers to take you on a tour. They should show you around a pagoda, the fishing village, the markets and a maybe another village. It is really interesting seeing how people live here with minimal belongings and without things we would consider as necessary to our day to day lives.

river life dala myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda

This beautiful Pagoda is a necessary part to any visit in Yangon. A short walk from downtown this remarkable pagoda will become a highlight of your visit. There is a  $8 entrance fee, though I somehow got around paying this and did not realise there was one until talking to people later in the day. So it is possible to avoid paying.

people Shwedagon Pagoda

Explore the Colonial Buildings

Yangon is full colonial buildings. On every street there will be beautiful buildings with amazing architecture standing around you. Though, many are very run down which I personally think adds to the aesthetic. My favourite is the Ministers Building which is currently in the process of being restored.

staircase yangon myanmar Kandawgi Lake

Kandawgi Lake is a short walk away from Shwedagon Pagoda north of downtown Yangon. Otherwise known as the Royal Lake the majority of photos of it will show the famous Karaweik icon. Around the lake is also Kandawgi Nature Park as well as Yangon Zoological Gardens.


From the street food to the delicious restaurants Yangon is full of different eating options and will satisfy the fussiest of eaters. Many of the street food vendors here sell barbecued meats, though being vegetarian I just stuck with the occasional bag of freshly cut watermelon. I highly recommend a visit to 999 Shan Noodle where you can get a delicious bowl of noodles for $1.50 and Golden Duck for yummy fried rice and the cheapest bottles of whisky you will ever see! If your budget stretches a little further check out Rangoon Tea House. The samosas are delicious, though this is a very western/hipster eatery and the prices reflect this.

yangon food

People Watch

The streets of Yangon are chaotic to say the least. With crowds everywhere, cars zooming past, vendors selling anything and everything on the little footpath space.  Life here is unlike any other. Go for a simple walk and take all these sites in, from the monks in orange to the people huddled in sitting meals under make-shift gazebos.

Yangon city night myanmar


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  • Kate Schiffman

    These pictures of beautiful, Myanmar is definitely on my list!

  • Wow I can’t get over the low cost of the Yangon Circle Train! I had a friend who volunteered in Yangon several years ago who came home early as she hated it, no doubt culture shock but it’s interesting how one person’s experiences can put you off visiting and shouldn’t – it’s clearly a place with much to offer!

    • Its crazy cheap, like unbelievable cheap. Though the price is with ‘tourist tax’ as well, the locals pay even less! Oh the culture shock there is on a whole other level so that’s understandable.

  • This looks amazing! I’ve never considered travelling to Myanmar before but it looks like such an interesting place.

    • Its a super amazing place to visit! You should look into it, get so inspo from googling Bagan and check out the amazing photos

  • Alison – Up&AtEm Travel

    I thought of visiting Myanmar during a cultural presentation at my university, and it looks like a wonderful place to explore. I also appreciate that you put “Eat” as one of your things to do. 😀

  • Your photos look azaming and the tips are great for someone who has never visited. I have friends who have been and loved it

  • Ticket to Adventures

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post! I have travelled quite a lot in SEA but never made it to Myanmar yet, but it is on my list.

  • Myanmar looks like such a cool place to visit. Hopefully I get the chance one day but I’ll keep your post in my back pocket until that day comes!

  • LC

    Oh, how beautiful are the Pagodas? That street food sounds amazing too… $1.50 for a bowl of noodles goes all right in my book. Have pinned for if I ever get to Myanmar.

  • Wee Gypsy Girl

    Ohhh this looks incredible! I’ve wanted to visit Myanmar for a while now and this is making me even more keen. I’d heard that the food wasn’t great from friends who visited but those noodles look right up my street!

    • Its an amazing country and you should totally look into booking a trip there before it becomes too touristy. I ate a lot of western meals there as the majority of street food was meat based and I am vegetarian, though with such cheap prices eating in a restaurant is the same price as getting streetfood in Thailand

  • Anisa Alhilali

    The pagodas look so impressive. I would love to visit Myanmar one day.

  • Jessica Carpenter

    Myanmar looks so beautiful! I would love to go. Stunning photos! The food looks so delish!