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Exploring Dala Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Exploring Dala Township definitely is one of the highlights when visiting Yangon, Myanmar.Located across the Yangon River, life there is completely opposite to the busy city center. Rather than modern skyscrapers and colonial buildings, there are colorful fishing boats and houses which can only really be described as shacks.While in [...]

Exploring Dala Township, Yangon, Myanmar2019-03-12T20:17:22+12:00

3 Days In Yangon Itinerary As A Solo Female Traveler

Exploring Yangon In 3 Days Yangon is one of my favorite cities in the world with beautiful locals and equally as amazing buildings it leaves me in awe every time. I created my 3 days in Yangon itinerary to allow you to truly maximize your time here. It allows you [...]

3 Days In Yangon Itinerary As A Solo Female Traveler2019-06-15T21:11:28+12:00

Top 8 Things To Do In Yangon, Myanmar

What To Do In Yangon, Myanmar Arriving in Yangon life there can be fairly chaotic, though it is one of my favorite cities full of charm and amazing experiences. I have put together this list of what to do in Yangon to help you during your visit. From visiting the [...]

Top 8 Things To Do In Yangon, Myanmar2019-07-18T18:52:01+12:00
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