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First Day of Spanish School – Heredia, Costa Rica


Waking up early for the first day of Spanish School at Intercultra I make myself semi presentable and meet Daniel in the kitchen for breakfast. We then begin our ascend uphill for a twenty minute walk alongside our host mother and her granddaughter. We take note of the streets, walking back by ourselves tonight means needing to remember the way.


Exploring Heredia

Our school is on the corner, an orange-ish colour plastered building. Straight away we are sent into reception. Time to do a quick test of our Spanish skills. In 10 seconds it is over. Not knowing the answer to anything made answering the questions easy. I ended up being put in a beginners class. No surprises there. Since everyone is in a similar position in an unfamiliar setting its quite easy to talk to a met new people.



Soon enough school for the day is over. Everyone staying downhill all walk back together. Though, not before an all-important detour to the amazing Walmart. Being from little ol’ New Zealand Walmart is something I’ve only seen on tv and oh boy did it live up to the hype. I’m not sure whether the prices were amazing because it was Walmart or simply because I am used to overpriced everything from kiwi land, but we were in heaven. Unfortunately, having spent my day eating beans and rice my mouth wasn’t prepared for any further exploring and was looking for something homely. Then I spot the amazing Pringles.  I didn’t know it, but from that moment they would become a familiar theme throughout Costa Rica.


-Men here like to wolf whistle

-There are cool gym equipment here in the parks which is a really awesome idea

-Surprisingly bathrooms don’t smell even though the toilet paper goes in a rubbish bin

I am travelling through Costa Rica with a volunteer program called International Student Volunteers or ISV. For the next  week I will be calling Heredia home while participating in the Spanish Immersion Week with Intercultura.