How To Explore The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar

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Everything You Need To Know About Exploring The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar…

A highlight of visiting Myanmar is heading to Bagan and exploring the many temples which make this area a photographers paradise. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets paint the sky the most beautiful shades contrasted against the many pagoda silhouettes.

Entrance fee

To enter the Bagan Archaeological Zone you must purchase a pass which should cost $20.

Though during my entire time of exploring the temples, I was never once asked to present my pass. I have read other stories of people not purchasing a ticket and getting away with it. Though, on our drive into Bagan the taxi driver stopped at a ticket counter, so we didn’t really have a choice.

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Getting around the Temples

There are three main options for getting around the temples bicycle, horse cart or e-bike


These is probably the second most popular option. Bicycles are cheap to rent for a couple dollars and everyone can ride one making the idea of hiring appealing.

Though please consider the heat. Temperatures in Bagan can get up quite high and shade can be hard to come by. Even though there are over two thousand temples they are still a distance apart, so by the time you arrive you will likely be a sweaty mess. Also, many of the paths between the temples are just sand making it extremely difficult to peddle.

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It is illegal for foreigners to drive in Myanmar preventing tourists from using motorbikes which are the common form of transportation in other South East Asian countries. This created a demand for the e-bike. They are essentially a scooter, though with a battery rather than a motor.

I highly recommend hiring one of these. The e-bikes are easy to drive, handle the sandy roads fairly well (still be careful) and will be the quickest option allowing you to see as many as the pagodas and temples as desired, just watch the battery levels.

Horse Cart

I researched taking a horse cart quite a lot as it seemed like the fairytale way to explore this magical place. Though due to the temperatures the horses can get quite exhausted and it’s hard to tell if they are being looked after properly.

The cost for the day is between $15-$20 and you are providing a local with a job. Though, I was too worried about the wellbeing of the horses and decided against this cart bagan myanmar

How many days to see the temples?

Spend around 2 or 3 days in Bagan. The first day check out the more popular temples, see which are the best to view the sunrise and sunset from and experience those. Once you have your bearings a bit more go out and explore the lesser known gems, chat with the families that look after the temples and get off the beaten path.

Either way you decide to do it there are over 2000 pagodas in the Bagan Archaeological area and therefore no individual one is overly crowded with tourist. If there are too many people around for your enjoyment, head five minutes more down the road and you’ll likely find somewhere else.

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Make the most out of sunrise

Check the forecast and find out what exact time the sunrises that morning. You will want to go find some sort of transport about forty minutes- one hour beforehand. This way you will find the perfect spot high up on the temple and hopefully not too many people blocking your view.

For sunrises, I recommend visiting one of the temples along the sand paths rather than those which have a proper road  as large tourist buses cannot access it.

Make the most out of sunset

Sunsets in Bagan and equally as magical as the sunrises where the sky will change to all sorts of shades. The clouds will start to stand out against the darkening backdrop and birds will be flying home for the night

Make sure you arrive at least forty minutes before sunset otherwise you might have trouble finding a good spot.

For both sunrise and sunset my favourite lens to use was my 55m-200m as it allowed me to zoom in on the distant temples with the sun in the background.

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Top temples


This is a very popular sunrise spot with a great view of the distant pagodas as well as the hot air balloons overtop. Just off the main road it is fairly easy to access. It became my favourite sunrise spot and it may get a little crowded so come early to get a good spot up high.


Quite far down the dirt track is Pay-Tha-Da-Paya and I would visit this temple every day during my visit. The paths within the temple open up to beautiful arches. Like any multiple level pagoda, the stair case is a bit of a squish, though the views are worth it. Visit here straight after sunrise and watch the hot air balloons land.


Being the largest and widest temple in the Bagan Archaeological area it really towers over the landscape. Rumour has it this temple is also haunted and it is also home to many bats which intensifies the visit.temples bagan myanmar


If you’re after ancient ruins give Shwezigon a miss. Located in the Nyuang-U area it is easy to get to and a pleasant change if you are wanting to mix things up for an hour. The large golden pagoda towers over the temple grounds. There is lots to look at here, intricate designs, beautiful colours and if you’re brave enough hit the bell.


This temple is quite grand and you will be greeted by a large archway before entering the grounds, very photogenic. Many vendors have stalls inside, each trying to convenience you to purchase something as you walk along. The best view from this temple is outside, in my opinion, with the bicycles, e-bikes and horse drawn carriages below.

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This is another beautiful temple with vendors selling all sorts of goodies just outside the complex. While we visited the archway to the temple was lined in red carpet. This deep red contrasting against the orangey-red of the bricks looked amazing. This temple is a little out of the way so was never overcrowded when I visited. Unfortunately we were not allowed inside.

End the day

To finish off the perfect day in Bagan head out to my favourite restaurant Weatherspoons. Well priced for the budget traveller, it is the perfect place to get your hit of western or Burmese food.

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  • Michelle de Klerk

    I love that you have the option to explore this beautiful place with an e-bike! Hubby and I tried e-bikes out for the first time the other day just driving around where we live, but haven’t ever thought to look for it when travelling. They certainly are wonderful, even for unfit couples like us!

  • Snow to Seas

    Such a great post and overview about exploring the temples in Bagan! The experience looks absolutely magical. I would love to go! I actually saw my first e-bike recently (they’re not very common where I live), but I’ve been wanting to try one since then.

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    Love your pictures 🙂 ! I would probably hire a bike to get around the vast chunk of main temples ! The cycle option seems to give more freedom to stop when you wanted, hang out with the locals at the snack stalls in between, and ride to any hidden little nooks and crannies as and when you found them.

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    I loved Bagan when I visited Myanmar earlier this year. I think it is almost impossible to take a bad sunrise/sunset photo!

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    • Thanks girl! I am sure you will get the hang of the e-bikes, its like riding a scooter, just its electric. A couple that I explored the temples with had never ridden one before and at the end of the day they were pros! Have faith, you’ll be fine 🙂

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