Central America Costa Rica

Day Trip to Playa Guiones, Costa Rica


Today was another day off so, after an early breakfast of cereal we jumped into the back of a pickup truck. The girls and I stand up front, jumping over every bump while the others sit squished on the floor. After forty minutes of bugs flying in your mouth, singing and enjoying the breeze, we arrive in Guiones. It is a beautiful yoga tourist town in Nosara.


instagram-monkey-mafiaOur first stop in Guiones is of course the famous Robins Ice Cream Store. While here I grab a cinnamon cone and iced green tea, both so delicious. From there we hit up all the shops slowly making our way down to the beach. After hearing so much about the brand Monkey Mafia we know it is a must to visit. We are greeted by some awesome guys from the store who tell us about the idea behind the company. Of course we each buy a singlet as well, the perfect souvenir.


Down at the beautiful surf beach we are greeted by white sand, crashing waves and a cabana filled with the ISV family. Throwing around a ball and Frisbee we kill time being scorched by the sun and overwhelmed by waves. Soon enough we have all built up quite an appetite. Time to head to a local restaurant which was recommended by Wade. After a good feed of burgers and cocktails we are back in the ocean, splashing, diving and jumping over each other. Not too long after it is back to Robins Icecream for round two and the bumpy journey back to Ostional.


After a quick WIFI sesh we head to the local pizzeria for dinner. It has been two week here in Ostional. Everyone reminisces on the time spent here saying what our favourite moment was and what we have learned. With full stomachs we head back for the station for a mass game of cards before heading to bed. All ready for a massive day back to the capital tomorrow.

I am travelling through Costa Rica with a volunteerΒ programΒ called International Student Volunteers or ISV. For the next two weeks I will be callingΒ Playa Ostional home while participating in conservation work to help protect the leatherback and black turtles.Β