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48 Hours in Panama City

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Day One 8am Make your way into Panama City. If you are arriving at Tocumen International Airport you will be needing to find your way into the city. Unfortunately, this isn’t the cheapest of tasks. You best option will be to split a taxi costing about $30 with a group of people heading the same […]

Belize City To San Ignacio: CHEAPEST & EASIEST Ways To Travel

driving along the road from belize city to san ignacio

If you are looking for the perfect spot to explore in mainland Belize then there is no better option than San Ignacio. This quaint jungle town to the perfect mixture of adventure, history and simply relaxing. Though how do you actually travel from Belize City To San Ignacio? Well, don’t worry because I will let […]

Hostels In Caye Caulker: BEST Stays For Backpackers

hanging out at one of the best hostels in caye caulker

Come find out the best hostels in Caye Caulker so you can have the perfect stay in this backpacker paradise. I will break down all the best options, so whether you are a solo backpacker, or simply want somewhere cheap to rest your head you will be able to figure out what is best.  One […]

San Pedro To Caye Caulker: Best Ways To Travel Explained 2023

arriving on the island after taking the ferry from san pedro to caye caulker

Now if you are exploring the country of Belize no doubt you need to hit up the two idyllic islands of San Pedro and Caye Caulker. They both have their highlights whether that is swimming with manatees, checking out the local iguanas, or diving, though how exactly do you travel from San Pedro to Caye […]

Roatan To Belize: The ULTIMATE Scenic Flight For A Passenger Plane

the incredible views of the ocean and reef while flying from roatan to belize

If you are an ocean lover and perhaps are thinking of taking a scenic flight, then I can’t recommend taking a flight from Roatan to Belize enough! This is just a typical passenger flight but the views out the window are mind-blowing. So come find out all you need to know about flying from Roatan […]

Best Hostels In El Paredon: 8 Hostels For The Perfect Stay 2023

enjoying pool life at the best hostels in el paredon

Come check out the best hostels in El Paredon so you can have the perfect stay in this sleepy beachside town. I will break down all the best options, so whether you are a solo backpacker, a female traveler, or simply want somewhere cheap to rest your head you will be able to figure out […]

Backpacking Honduras: The Ultimate Guide For Backpackers & First Time Visitors

hanging out in a hammock while backpacking honduras

Find out absolutely everything you need to know about backpacking Honduras! I was amazed at how much of an incredible backpacker-friendly country this is, though a lot of people don’t put in the effort to explore it. Well, be like the minority as I share with you my best travel tips, money, important information, top […]

Swim With Manatees In Belize: A BUCKETLIST Experience Must Do

snorkeling with two manatees off caye caulker, a highlight is to swim with manatees in belize

Find out all you need to know to have the ultimate bucketlist experience: Swim with manatees in Belize! No doubt this was one of my highlights backpacking Belize, so I am here to tell you all you need to know! If you are traveling Belize no doubt one of the best things to do there […]

Antigua To Lake Atitlan: By Chicken Bus, Shuttle Or Taxi

how to travel from antigua to lake atitlan by shuttle, van, bus, or taxi

Find out how to travel from Antigua to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. These are both two popular tourist destinations, but each offers something completely different. Whether you want to get to Lake Atitlan by shuttle, chicken bus, or taxi, I will let you know how to book, prices, and more! Once you are done exploring […]

Snorkeling Tours From San Pedro, Belize: BEST SNORKELING IN CENTRAL AMERICA

a nurse shark while doing one of the snorkeling tours from san pedro belize

One of my favorite snorkeling spots can be found right in Belize, so of course checking out snorkeling tours from San Pedro is a must! Though what ones are the best, where do you go, how expensive is it? Well don’t worry, I will answer all of that and more! No doubt if you are […]

Diving In Ambergris Caye, Belize: The Ultimate Guide

a southern stingray half covered in sand while diving in ambergris caye

If you are a keen scuba diver and are traveling Belize then you need to try diving in Ambergris Caye. This incredible spot on the Mesoamerican Reef is full of marine life waiting to be discovered by you! Diving in Ambergris Caye in Belize is a wonderful way to explore the rich and diverse marine […]

Visiting The Iguana Eco Sanctuary In San Pedro: Is It Worth It?

the entry way to the eco iguana sanctuary in san pedro belize

Come check out all you need to know on the Iguana Eco Sanctuary in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. I will tell you everything about visiting including how to get there, entry fees, what to expect, and whether it is ethical.  If you are looking for a unique experience in San Pedro, Belize, and something landside […]