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The Backpackers Travel Guide To Bagan, Myanmar

watching temples in bagan

The Ultimate Backpacking Travel Guide to Bagan in Myanmar Myanmar is an extremely up and coming country in the South East Asian backpacking trail and Bagan is the number one bucket list place in this country. This city is full of history and amazing pagodas at every turn. Though, if this is your first time […]

Backpack Or Suitcase? The Age Old Travel Debate


What is best for traveling, a backpack or suitcase? So you’ve planned your next adventure, organised everything and brought all those essentials you’ll need on the road. Though, when it comes to packing these all in one place you realize you have two options. . . The typical a backpack or suitcase, an oversized reminder […]

Thai Soul Restaurant: Authentic Thai Food In Kochi, India

lunch of fish at the thai soul restaurant in the grand hyatt kochi bolgatty

A Taste Of Thai Food In Kochi, India If you are ever in Kochi and you are craving something different to eat such as Thai Food, I highly recommend checking out Thai Soul Restaurant. It is located inside the Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty which is one of the latest additions to the skyline. With culinary delights […]

Day Trip to Playa Guiones, Costa Rica

Day Trip in Playa Guiones | Travel Central America | Playa Guiones | Hike | Surfing | Surf | Beach | Backpacking Costa Rica | Kayaking | What to do | Where to sleep | Swimming | Tubing | Backpackers Wanderlust |

Today was another day off so, after an early breakfast of cereal we jumped into the back of a pickup truck. The girls and I stand up front, jumping over every bump while the others sit squished on the floor. After forty minutes of bugs flying in your mouth, singing and enjoying the breeze, we […]

First Week Volunteering Completed- Ostional, Costa Rica

Ostional, Costa Rica | Volunteer work | Conservation | Animals | Turtles | Costa Rica | Guanacaste | Ostional | International Student Volunteers | ISV | Why should I pay | Volunteer Abroad | What to do | Backpacking | Budget Travel | Solo Female Travel | Backpackers Wanderlust |

I literally just want to chop my feet off- I think it would be less pain. Though, at the station Wade hooks me up with some tape and I suss out some antiseptic cream. At ten o’clock is a discussion lead by volunteer Jacqui in the Cabana. Here in Ostional the locals harvest the turtle […]

Day trip to Playa San Juanillo, Costa Rica

San Juanillo In Costa Rica | Travel Central America | San Juanillo | Hike | Surfing | Surf | Beach | Backpacking Costa Rica | Kayaking | What to do | Where to sleep | Swimming | Tubing | Backpackers Wanderlust |

It was finally everyone’s day off in Ostional so we wake up early to catch the bus to Playa San Juanillo. Though, as a result of last nights patrolling shifts, I now had two throbbing feet. The blisters were massive and a couple had popped walking home over the rocky gravel road- sorry for the […]

Exploring Hollywood & Landing In America

Stopover in Los Angeles, The United States | 48 and 24 Hour Itinerary | What to do in Los Angeles | Layover | Los Angeles | Stopover | One day in | Two days in | When to visit | Where to sleep | Where to eat | How to get around | What to do | Backpacking | Budget Travel | Solo Female Travel | Backpackers Wanderlust |

Arriving At The Airport Waking up to the air attendants shuffling through the aisles organizing breakfast we still had two excruciating long hours before we would be landing in Los Angeles and I would get to experience Hollywood for the first time. Spending the previous twelve hours squished into the middle isle in the most uncomfortable seats I […]

Furama RiverFront Review: Experience A Relaxing Stay In Singapore

bed furama riverfront review

Singapore is a country I have been to a handful of times, though due to restrictions, never left the impressive Changi Airport. Therefore, for the best introduction to Singapore, we knew Furama RiverFront would provide the ultimate stay. With well-equipped rooms and modern facilities in a great location, our expectations were set high and we […]

Furama City Centre Review: The Perfect Singapore Stay

outside view furama city centre review

In the heart of the Chinatown, this impressive Furama City Centre provides a modern retreat for travelers. After already being treated to 2 great nights at Furama RiverFront, we were excited to discover another Furama property a quick taxi ride down the road. I am glad to say our expectations were blown away. So let’s […]

Heritage Bagan Hotel Review: A Luxurious Stay In Bagan, Myanmar

arrving at heritage bagan hotel review

Bagan is a bucket list destination for many travelers. With the beautiful sunrises, endless pagodas and numerous hot air balloons, the beautiful sights seem never-ending. In deciding upon somewhere to stay we knew we wanted to find a property which was just as spectacular as its surroundings. The Heritage Bagan Hotel provided the perfect oasis […]

Kochi Marriott Hotel: Sleeping Five Star Luxury In India

watching sunrise from the kochi marriott hotel

Checking into the Kochi Marriott Hotel in Kerala, India Sometimes when you just arrive at an hotel you know that it is going to be the perfect stay. The smiles from the staff, the efficient check in procedures and an overall the friendly atmosphere. Well, that is exactly how it was at Kochi Marriott Hotel […]

Tune Hotel klia2 The Perfect Airport Stay In Kuala Lumpur

tasha amy in bedroom at tune hotel klia2

Tune Hotel klia2: The Perfect Stay Just Minutes From The Airport I often find myself in Kuala Lumpur, though usually it is just for a layover between long flights so I don’t have the energy to go out and explore. Well, last year I discovered the perfect way to kill time between jetting off again, […]