About Tasha Amy

A kiwi girl and her backpack with a world to explore . . .


 A little about myself, if you haven’t already guessed, I’m Tasha, a 21 year old kiwi with an incurable case of wanderlust. Though, I haven’t always been this way, rewind back to 2014, I was a university student who was just so over life, that was until I traveled abroad for the first time summer of 2015. It was the moment when everything changed and I gave up my parents idea of the perfect job to concentrate on myself and what made me happy.

With only one year left I swapped an accounting and business law degree to study photography, much to my family’s disappointment and traded all my savings for two months overseas volunteer adventure that altered my perspective on life.

Truth be told, I am no jet-setter with thousands of dollars in my bank account, no rich parents who fund my travels or some lottery winner. Instead, I spend my time not on the road working long weeks at minimum wage, living at home and saving every spare dollar,  a  less than glamorous lifestyle.

I created Backpackers Wanderlust to share all my travel tips, secrets and stories in hope that it will inspire you to explore this absolutely amazing planet. To me backpacking is all about cutting costs, living simply, but at the same time maximizing your experiences and truly exploring cultures. I will always choose backpacking over luxury travel, even though it may mean the occasional bed bugs, snoring bunk mates and food poisoning.

If you are like me with a dream to lead an unconventional lifestyle, you have found the perfect place. So, join me as I share all my experiences and secrets, the good the bad and the ugly, with you, through the magic of the internet.

Current Location: New Zealand