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Mornington Peninsula, Victoria – A Day Trip From Melbourne

bathing boxes mornington
This is part one of two from a day tour with Melbourne Costal Tours to Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island. We had an amazing guide who made the experience that much better.

Part One. . .

I was the first one picked up in the Melbourne Costal Tours shuttle bus which would be taking me around Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island for the day. Grabbing a prime leg stretching seat I sit back as we pick up the others who have booked todays tour. As we stop outside everyone’s accommodation, I slightly freak at how luxurious they are, while I’m staying up at a hostel. Inching along through the morning traffic past cars and hipsters on their bikes. Soon enough we are on the Australian highway making our way out of Melbourne.

Just 45 minutes 1 hour away, thanks to traffic, we arrive at Mt Martha Beach. You know those awesome pictures with the little bathing boxes on the beach in Australia? Well this beach is known for them. It was awesome seeing how each person creatively built up their box. Some being brightly decorated, some with decks and some even multiple stories.

It’s a warm day and a few crazy people are somehow swimming in the ocean. The water is freezing, seriously as if the thoughts of sharks don’t put me off enough, the cold water quickly does. Anyway nobody needs to see this pasty white girl.

mt marthas beach mornington victoria

Jumping back in the shuttle bus, it’s time to get back on the road. The Australian landscapes is so different than what I am use to; with large established trees and dry colours. Up a hill we stop to take in the views of one of Victoria’s most iconic sites. It is Arthurs Seat in Dromana.

With the bright blue ocean to one side and the skyline of Melbourne city in the distance. These are two extremely different places, but only an hour apart. At 300 meters above seas level the view goes on, undisturbed as far as the eye can see. Though, as it is getting towards the late morning the sun warms us all up a bit too much. Time to retreat back into the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

view red hill victoria

Next, we make our way slightly away from the coast and to 2 Macs Farm. This place is so beautiful and ran by a beautiful couple who are extremely passionate about producing high quality products.

The property is absolutely amazing, think cute pastel colours with a country rustic feel. Mary, one half of the Macs, speaks about harvesting the raw honey and growing the organic garlic. She educates everyone while we dig in on some scones that have just come out of the oven, along with some raw honey and delicious homemade relish – I can eat as much as I want if its organic, right?

2 mac farm mornington victoria

Soon enough down the road it was time for another foodie break. And what is a foodies favourite treat? Chocolate of course! Arriving in the township of Flinders it is barely 12 o’clock, but it seems we have already done so much today! The small shops line the street, seemingly deserted on a weekday late morning. I guess everyone is enjoying the realities of work. Though, in my  reality, it is chocolate tasting time.

Arriving at Mornington Peninsula Chocolates, we are greeted by an incredible air conditioned building and hundreds of chocolates lined up in front of us. Yes, this is heaven. After getting a try a handful of chocolates we are given the opportunity to buy our own, of course I take them up on this.

chocolates mornington victoria

Now I do love my alcohol, but there one exception; wine. I am not sure why, but wine and I have never been friends. This may or may not be thanks to the first time I tried it I drunk two bottles, passed out at 7pm and woke up covered in vomit, good ol’ uni days. But, now was time to face my fear head on with wine tasting. That being said, we were visiting a multi-award winning winery; Red Hill Estate.

The property was absolutely flawless, perched up high with views right across the ocean, lined with vineyards. The wine was still not my thing, having to spit not swallow it – yes, I just said that. Though, I will say the dessert wine was lovely, but when you add sugar to something, its always gonna be good.

red hill estate victoria

Getting past 1.30pm at this stage our stomachs were hungry, especially all this moving around and walking, perfect time for lunch. Arriving at a restaurant which has seemingly popped out of nowhere, we jump out of the van, stretch and enter The Epicurean Red Hill.

The large tin shed like building stands out among the gravel and red brick buildings next door. Sitting down at a rather large table and exchanging stories with the fellow travellers in the group, we wait for our food. All these woodfire pizza suddenly start being placed in front of us followed by salads. It is a delicious meal in such a beautiful restaurant.

red hill epicurean mornington victoria

With bellies fill we jump back into the shuttle bus we have come to know so well today and continue along the coast. Following the peninsula we arrive thirty minutes later in a very Australian looking, sandy place.

I am an animal lover at heart, no matter if they like me or not I want to cuddle them all! So, the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park was the perfect place for me. On arrival we are given bags of food, a map of the park and are let loose for the next hour and a half.

tasha amy moonlit wildlife park

bird kangaroo moonlit

This animal park is so amazing, I have never been in something where the kangaroos and wallabies are free to roam on their own accord. Though, I had seen plenty of pictures. This is my first time in Australia remember!

It has all the perfect local animals you could imagine, a stubborn wombat, talkative gala, lazy kangaroos, pesky dingos and a sleepy koala. I was in animal lovers paradise and basically had to be pulled out of the park. Not before grabbing an ice block though!

In Part Two we are making our way further along the Coast to Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade!



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