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A Day At Melbourne Zoo

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Getting to Melbourne Zoo

It was quite easy to navigate my way through to the Melbourne Zoo. The public transport here is absolutely amazing. Using the tram system and the tramTRACKER app on my phone I could time all the stops perfectly, knowing which tram to get on and off from St Kilda to the zoo.

The zoo stop for the train kind of looks like you are getting off in the middle of nowhere. Though, I promise this is not the case and a one minute walk away you will be entering the gates.

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For an adult entry, it cost $25, though best to check their website for updated prices.


Australian Bush

The Australian Bush showcases all your favourite local animals including kangaroos, wallabies, emus, koalas and Tasmanian devils.

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Great Flight Aviary

I always love birds, especially when you can see them in flight, doing their own birdy thing. This aviary allows you to get up close and personal with them, though not close enough to frighten them away. There are also some amazing birds in here, the most beautiful colours.

Monkey enclosures

The monkey enclosures at Melbourne Zoo are super fun. You can see the monkeys enjoying their life, swinging from the ropes and playing with each other. There is also a platform right in front of the viewing window, allowing you to get right up and personal with them.

monkey melbourne zoo

Lemur Island

Okay, getting serious here, Lemur Island is amazing! Want a lemur selfie? This is the place to be. It brings the lemurs and visitors together in the same space, with no barriers between each. If that little cheeky lemur wants a closer view of you he will come right over! This is definitely the main highlight of Melbourne Zoo.

Trail of the Elephants

This enclosure is amazing! I don’t know if I got super lucky that day but some of the elephants were playing in the water, completely submerging themselves and holding their breaths. You can walk right around the enclosure looking at everything from different angles.

panda elephant melbourne zoo

meerkat melbourne zoo

If you are in Melbourne I highly recommend a visit to Melbourne Zoo. It is a great way to spend a day allowing you the opportunities to get close up and personal with the wonderful inhabits, making for some amazing photography shots and plenty of new cuddly friends.


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