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    Day Tour Of Mandalay, Myanmar

    sunset temple u bien bridge

    When I first put Mandalay on my itinerary I had the Robbie Williams song in my head and very little knowledge about what this city had to offer; well except the famous teak bridge of course. Even up until I arrived from Bagan I was still unsure of what to do. Group tours I looked at online seemed ridiculously expensive. Also, all the attractions I was interested in are quite spread out. I booked to stay at Four Rivers Bed…

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  • looking out bagan myanmar

    Two Days In Bagan, Myanmar

    Day One After a long night on the sleeper bus, which included locking myself in the toilet, we finally arrived at Bagan, Myanmar. Problem is, it’s 4.30am and I am in…

  • Yangon city night myanmar

    Four Days In Yangon, Myanmar

    Day One After a long flight from New Zealand I arrive at the first stop of my journey, Yangon in Myanmar. Although, this wasn’t without an accidental 13 hour layover in…

  • smile bagan myanmar
    Other Travel Tips

    Why Long Term Travel Is Not For Me

    ,There’s a large presence these days on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all those other social media platforms of these beautiful boho millennials living the dream of long term travel. They breathe…

  • ballon sunrise bagan myanmar

    How To Explore The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar

    Everything You Need To Know About Exploring The Temples Of Bagan, Myanmar… A highlight of visiting Myanmar is heading to Bagan and exploring the many temples which make this area a…

  • Shwedagon Pagoda yangon

    Top Eight Things To Do In Yangon, Myanmar

    Yangon Circle Train The Yangon Circle Train departsΒ from the Yangon Central Railway Station the circle train costs a mere 200 kyat or approximately $0.15. The journey will take at least three…

  • train life yangon myanmar

    Taking the Yangon Circle Train, Myanmar

    If you’re ever in Yangon, you will always be asked by fellow travellers if you have taken the circle train. As it sounds it is a train, on a circular route,…